Monday , 11 December 2017

Canadian Dog Stands against Mexican Gunmen!

The following took place at the border with Mexico in the Rio Grande Valley Region in the state of Texas. I used to live there! My friend that works at the local Fox News Station, shared with me the adventure of  two retired Canadian Mounties and their brave Dog Nigel. The couple and Nigel faced off a truck of heavily armed Mexican thieves while coming back to the USA from a vacation through out Mexico in their RV. Nigel barked at the gunmen and he was held hostage with a rifle to his head until  Mrs Appleton gave up her camera. Mrs. Appleton says: ” My priority was to save the dog.” Way to go Nigel for standing up to the bad guys! How far would you go to save your pup?

Check out the interview of  the Appleton’s  and take a look at brave Nigel : For Video Click here

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