Monday , 11 December 2017

Self Introduction

As my first post I thought it necessary to introduce my big, but tiny family. As they usually filter many things in my life; friends, boyfriends, where and when i go on vacation, where i live, my work schedule and why colour bed sheets i buy (ones that do not show too much hair). They are a huge part of my life.. in fact, they probably are my life.

Now who are these little creatures that control my life?

Well, it started with Ringo a long hair chihuahua who squeezed his way into my heart. Before him (dare i say), i was a ‘cat person’.. dogs were not for me, i loved them but never wanted one of my own. On top of that, i was not a ‘little dog’ person either, if i ever had a dog i always told myself it would get an island mutt like our family dog (born to a feral dog in the cayman islands, my family brought her with us from there when we moved to Montreal).

Ringo was brought into a clinic i work at to be euthanized at a year and a half old and 11 pounds (4 pounds over weight), for snapping at another dog. To put it in context, he had been de-volcaized 3 weeks prior which inevitably makes dogs snappy as they have no other form of communication. De-vocalizing is also, cruel, painful, and useless as most (like Ringo) are able to bark again once the scar tissue forms. They also had introduced a new puppy into the house, which made him snappy with the other adult dog in the house. After being un-convniced that a chihuahua being put down for ‘dog aggression’ is justified, and him rolling on his back licking my hands with a euthansia sign on his cage.. i took him home (with the consent of his previous owner).

At the time i lived with my sister’s dog Jasmine (Jazz), who lacked socialization as a puppy and was (still is) well know to be incredibly awkward with other dogs. Which usually is fear, turned aggression if they get too pushy. I could already see the oil on fire mixture they would be. I planned to find him an old lady with not other animals or young kids to love him, his beige colour , soft hair and curly kickers makes him the ultimate ‘little old lady dog’. If only things ever went as planned – he and Jazz fell in love, it was a match made in heaven. He won over my heart, and i became the cat person who never wanted a dog or small dog.. who had a small beige dog with frilly kickers.

This May, two years later, i was moving in on my own and the Ringo-Jazz romance had to be separated. Although i debated letting my sister keep him because they were so bonded, and Jazz has a history of eating through doors (literally) when left alone without Ringo. I just could not bring myself to left go of my little man. So when Jersey showed up at my veterinary clinic after being dumped on a trainer with 4 german shepherds, i decided to adopt her. Jersey is a 3 pound chihuahua who had been bought and sold 7 times before finally being dumped on the trainer, and snatched up by me.

She was tiny, fearful, would not let me event get near her, has KCS in both eyes and one that produces absolutely no tears (which means i put artificial tears in her eyes.. at least 10 times a day, and will continue to do so for the rest of her life), her mouth was rotting as she desperately needed a dental cleaning and several teeth removed ( i had done for her), needed an appointment with specialists to figure out her eye issues (i also did for her).. but she was perfect. So she became the new addition to me and Ringo’s family, with the approval of Ringo of course.

Here i am 2 years later , a 21 year old girl with 2 chihuahuas who yes i carry around in a bag (required by the STM system, ok!) and yes i dress them up in winter jackets (they get cold!). They almost made me homeless when i was trying to find a new apartment in the Plateau that allowed pets in general, let alone 2 dogs. They come to work with me, they sleep in my bed, they eat my food (only the healthy foods in moderation), they filter (or scare away) boyfriends and they make trying to go on vacation impossible. Some weeks i spend as much on them, as i made in that work week. But i would not have it any other way.

When people stop me on the streets to ask me “what breeder did you go to” i am always proud to say, they are rescues. It is surprising how many people have no concepts of rescuing dogs, or that breeds like chihuahuas and dogs as well behaved and socialized as mine (i did one thing right) are finding themselves homeless as i write this.

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