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Pampered Pets: To Shave or Not to Shave??

Now that spring has finally sprung we are seeing a rush of dogs coming in to get pampered and have their spring haircuts.  And with the warmer weather and rain we see more and more dogs coming in with mats!

What are Dog Mats?

Mats in your dogs hair first start to form from a small knot that gets worse over time, if left unattended too. If you don’t keep up with your dogs brushing mats will be sure to form!

Most Common Causes For Mats

– Lack of Brushing

– Excessive Washing

– Over Grown Coat

– Humidity

I can not stress enough how important is it to brush your dog!

Certain breeds such as Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, Poodles, the Doodles, Bichons, and Cockapoos (just to name a few) are more likely to get matted. These breeds can tolerate the shaving and their coats will grow back nicely once its been reset.

However, double-coated breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Shelties, Shepherds, Huskies, Samoyeds ( just to name a few) are another matter all together when it comes to matting.

Shaving these breeds close will alter the coat and in most cases will permanently ruin it!  When this type of coat is clipped too short the primary hairs (outer guard hairs that protect the skin) grows back at a much slower rate than the secondary hairs (the undercoat). What you end up getting is an uneven coat that has just lost its gorgeous luxurious look and is left dry and brittle.

If these breeds do get matted I suggest in taking the time to demat the dog and in worst case scenario to simply shave out the mats( and the mats only!)

When I am faced with mats as much as I try to demat the dog I must use my best judgment in deciding whether it is worth it to put the dog through or to shave the dog and allow the coat to grow in and start over.

While some people may not approve of having their dog shaved down it is the most humane option. The mats we see this time of year are typically so tight and close to the skin that trying to demat a dog unfortunate enough to have them would simply be cruel. In these cases we have no choice but to shave.

However if the dogs coat is not matted then the choice is yours……..

To Shave or Not to Shave?

At Pampered Pets we strive to do quality cuts based of the condition of the dogs coat. We encourage clients to bring us either pictures or notes on how they want their dog to look to ensure we have a happy customer and a fabulous looking pooch!

Your Friendly Groomer,
Anna Maria

Pampered Pets
324 a Victoria Ave.

All Smiles!

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  1. Great advice. It’s good to stay consistent with a grooming routine whether that’s a summer cut or something more frequent.

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