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Election Reply #3: Danny Polifroni, Green Party

We’ve Got Mail!

Last week, Montreal Dog Blog contacted 10 local candidates regarding their thoughts on animal cruelty in Quebec. Read and send your own letter here!  Our third reply is from Danny Polifroni, Green Party, Papineau:

Here are some answers to your questions:
Criminal Code
The Green Party supports strengthening animal cruelty provisions under the Criminal Code, especially since they have not been updated since 1892. Crimes against animals are housed in the property section of the Code, and provide almost no protection from even the worst kinds of abuse. In Quebec, where there is no provincial animal welfare act, these outdated laws are the only ones that can be used by citizens to protect animals. Polling conducted over the past years shows clearly that the majority of Canadians want to see stronger laws for animals in our Criminal Code.
The Green Party of Canada will update Canada’s criminal code as it pertains to animal welfare, moving crimes against animals from the property section, and recognizing animals as sentient beings. The Criminal Code legislation will provide no exemptions for people who are involved in criminal activities, and will mandate progressively stiffer penalties that take into account the severity of the crime.

If elected, the Green Party will amend Canada’s animal transport regulations to improve the conditions that animals face during transport.
Specifically, we would implement legislation that incorporates the following measures:
● Transport by road of animals destined for slaughter or further fattening to be limited to 8 hours or 500 km.
● The use of electric prods; clubs and other inappropriate weapons should be banned.
● A ban on live animal exports from Canada. Animal transport time limits will decrease fossil fuel consumption, promote local businesses, create additional employment, dramatically reduce suffering of millions of farmed animals annually, and bring Canada up to European standards for farmed animal welfare.

Puppy Mills and Gas Chambers
The Green Party of Canada will develop municipally managed animal control programs parallel to the one implemented by the City of Calgary, which has virtually eliminated euthanasia of unwanted animals and dramatically increased rates of return of companion animals in a cost effective way that is largely funded out of licensing. As with Calgary, this program will include an aggressive licensing and micro-chipping program for animals, subsidized spay/neuter/emergency vet care for those in financial need, and funding for cruelty investigations.

The Green Party of Canada will restrict breeding of companion animals while surpluses of unwanted companion animals exist in shelters across the country. The Green Party will immediately ban puppy mills and backyard breeders.

Pet Stores
I am not familiar with the handling of animals being sold in stores. If they are treated humanely, giving proper food, shelter and exercise, than I believe it is fine. If not, then changes need to be made in the sale of animals.
I do find selling animals for profit a very strange concept.

For the Green Party position on other animal issues:
Danny Polifroni, Green Party, Papineau Riding

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