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Rescue Round-Up News April 15, 2011

Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe

  1. April’s rescuer hopes dog-dragger learns his lesson – BC
  2. Cruelty charges laid after dog euthanized – Ottawa
  3. Guide-dog program asks for big boost – Edmonton
  4. Ellen DeGeneres Asks Fans to Help Stop Canadian Seal Slaughter
  5. Manotick family loses home and dog in Friday fire – Ontario
  6. Dogs who found homes in 2011 at Animatch
  7. Cat and Dog Fur in Canada
  8. Dog rescued after being beaten and left to die
  9. Woman Kills Cat To Make Lady Gaga Costume
  10. Milwaukee dog burning leads to anti-cruelty reminders
  11. Woman Kills Cat To Make Lady Gaga Costume – Oklahoma
  12. Missouri lawmakers approve legislation overhauling voter-backed law targeting dog breeders
  13. Cannon student raises $5000 for local animal organization
  14. Cindy was blind, Missy had cancer – but they’ve found a home
  15. Video: Japan’s four-legged survivors
  16. BC woman plans pet rescue in Japan nuclear zone
  17. Firefighters rescue hawk stuck up a tree
  18. Story of rescue dog Braveheart inspires thousands
  19. Cohasset police officers rescue trapped dog – Massachusetts
  20. Sussex puppies found locked in suitcase celebrate reunion
  21. Realtor finds abandoned dog in Fitchburg apartment
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