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Enquête presents a disturbing exposé of Berger Blanc


On Thursday April 21 at 20:00 Radio Canada’s investigative program Enquête presents a disturbing exposé of Berger Blanc, the for-profit business entrusted with control of, and care for, Montréal’s exploding population of unwanted companion animals, a population which has now reached crisis proportions. This program, Mauvais Berger, exposes Berger Blanc’s abysmal standards of animal care and customer service, and lack of promotion of responsible pet ownership.

The images and issues addressed in Mauvais Berger invite a wider consideration of how this for-profit business, unrestrained by weak municipal by-laws, inadequate provincial legislation or effective monitoring, thrives on an ever-expanding supply of abandoned animals. Berger Blancs’ disregard of this fundamental problem of overpopulation ensures a constant flow of ‘clients’, and hence its own financial advancement.

Further, a lack of insistence on rigorous contractual accountability by the municipalities who deal with Berger Blanc aggravates this disgraceful situation. Neither the treatment and ultimate fate of the more than 30,000 animals transiting annually through the Berger Blanc (with sky-high euthanasia rates), nor the exact use of taxpayers’ cash, appear to be of significant concern for any of those associated with this scandalous enterprise.

Mauvais Berger will be repeated on Radio Canada on April 23rd at 1pm, on RDI on April 24 at 6pm and April 25 at 2am EST, and will be available on-line from April 22 onwards at www.radio-canada.ca/emissions/enquete/2010-2011; click on “Regardez l’intégrale” just below the broadcast date.



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  1. It is said that a society should be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable. Well, shame on us, and the City of Montreal, for financing such a disgusting, inhuman, unaccountable institution. And, watching the creature (employee) administer euthanasia without first giving sedatives to prevent suffering, is scary. We must realize that that creature is walking around in our population. If he can be so cruel to animals, should he be free among us? Weren’t quite a few studies done that showed that serial killers usually begin their career with cruelty to animals? And our taxes pay that creature a salary? Again, shame on us, and on our city officials for financing and tolerating these abuses.

  2. Je ne Peux pas croire que dans une société pareille il y a tellement de cruauté envers les animaux! Je crois que ces personnes se sentent plus forte après avoir blesse un animal qui ne peux se défendre !! Il fait faire quelque chose… Adopter des chiens chats etc…. N’allez pas dans les animaleries il y a assez d’animaux et ils on besoin de vous! Les animaux dans les animaleries proviennent de puppiemils!!!!
    J’ai trois chien ici a Montreal c’est difficile mais je les aimes plus que tout!
    Allez on est un peuple qui devrait se battre contre les injustices!! Je me souviens !!

  3. This is disgusting, I can’t believe stuff like this could go unnoticed for so long! How Berge Blanc directors ” LEADERS” can lead an organization this way, and further to that it completely blows my mind how employees could work in that environment and think it’s normal. THIS IS COMPLETLY UN HUMAIN, PURE IGNORANCE!

  4. I agree. It is deplorable. Everyone must watch this and feel outraged at such treatment of our animals. It is time to take action and protest. Write your counsellors, the mayor, the press.

  5. “Take Action for Better Animal Control Services: Join HSI Canada in urging municipalities to adopt stricter, more humane animal control contracts”, see http://www.hsi.org/world/canada/take-action/berger_blanc.html

    See Society for the Protection of Animals on FB for events & announcements, http://www.facebook.com/spacanada

  6. I wrote the mayor yesterday, after seeing the “teaser” for today’s report on Berger Blanc. Never got a response. Wrote again this evening, after seeing the documentary and crying. Wonder if I’ll get a response this time. Also wrote Anima Québec. Please, everybody, write everyone you can think of that has any power to change this horrible situation. They won’t ignore public opinion–after all, it is election time. I’ve written a couple of MP’s–also no response. We have to do it collectively–elected officials only respond to public pressure (fear of losing votes). Let’s write (if we can’t fight) for the poor helpless animals.

  7. Well someone had to put an honest picture to the face, words only do so much.

  8. Well What I can say more…
    But I think we should do somethink like go there and tell them how we feel about that and ask to stop rigth away and make sure they even close that place ASAP…

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