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Fight the Berger Blanc in Montreal (Petitions/Protest info)


About the Berger Blanc and the undercover investigation:

The Videos: (WARNING: graphic and disturbing scenes of animal cruelty)

How is the Berger Blanc a For-Profit Organization?

Here is an explanation:

The images and issues addressed in Mauvais Berger invite a wider consideration of how this for-profit business, unrestrained by weak municipal by-laws, inadequate provincial legislation or effective monitoring, thrives on an ever-expanding supply of abandoned animals. Berger Blancs’ disregard of this fundamental problem of overpopulation ensures a constant flow of ‘clients’, and hence its own financial advancement.

Further, a lack of demand for rigorous contractual accountability by the municipalities who deal with Berger Blanc aggravates this disgraceful situation. Neither the treatment and ultimate fate of the more than 30,000 animals transiting annually through the Berger Blanc (with sky-high euthanasia rates), nor the exact use of taxpayers’ cash, appear to be of significant concern for any of those associated with this scandalous enterprise.

(FYI – the vast majority of “for-profit” facilities have failed in North America.  The structure does not work for animal control, only animal profit).

The City of Montreal’s Official Statement:

On Thursday, April 21st at 2:30 pm – the City of Montreal released their statement regarding the Berger Blanc:

La Ville de Montréal condamne la cruauté faite aux animaux

MONTRÉAL, le 21 avril /CNW Telbec/ – La Ville de Montréal prend très au sérieux les images présentées dans le reportage de Radio-Canada sur le Berger Blanc. Deux des dix arrondissements qui sont actuellement liés par contrat avec le Berger Blanc ont pu visionner des extraits du reportage, à l’invitation de Radio-Canada. Dès lors, ces arrondissements ont pris contact avec les responsables de l’entreprise,  par des visites et par des lettres, et ont demandé que soit déposé un plan d’action visant à garantir le bien-être des animaux confiés à Berger Blanc.

« La Ville de Montréal ne tolère pas la cruauté envers les animaux, nous condamnons ce genre de geste. La Ville exige de l’entreprise que les animaux soient traités avec respect et dignité en tout temps », a déclaré le vice-président du comité exécutif, responsable des services aux citoyens, monsieur Richard Deschamps.

Hier, la Ville a reçu une copie du plan d’action proposé par le Berger Blanc où l’entreprise s’engage à prendre toutes les mesures nécessaires pour s’assurer du bien-être des animaux qui lui sont confiés. La Ville a aussi précisé qu’elle effectuerait, de concert avec les dix arrondissements qui ont un contrat avec le Berger Blanc, un suivi encore plus serré des activités de l’entreprise, notamment par des visites non planifiées encore plus fréquentes, et qu’elle instaurait à compter d’aujourd’hui des rencontres régulières entre la direction du Berger Blanc et la direction de la Ville et des dix arrondissements concernés.

Bien que toutes les visites effectuées à ce jour au Berger Blanc n’aient démontré aucune irrégularité, la Ville continuera d’agir avec diligence dans la gestion des événements reprochés au Berger Blanc et invite la population à porter plainte à leur arrondissement si des situations inacceptables se présentent. ( Here’s Google Translator if you need it!)

Basically, they are giving the Berger Blanc another chance.  Another chance!  After viewing images of undeniable cruelty.  After being innundated with calls and e-mails from horrified Montrealers.  The City’s response is dangerous.  They had the opportunity to speak for it’s citizens and for it’s animals and they did not.  They had the chance to denounce blatant cruelty and remove all animal collecting contracts from the Berger Blanc.

This now puts Montreal on the world stage – squarely in the crosshairs of not just animal lovers, but people who believe in compassion, period.  What does Montreal have to lose?  The respect of it’s own citizens  – outside tourism dollars – the ramifications of a ‘second chance’ for Berger Blanc could quite possibly be deep and lasting.  It’s wrong. It perpetuates the view of Quebec as a province that does not believe in animal welfare.  We KNOW that isn’t true.   And now is the time to speak out, loud and clear.

What You Can Do:

The First Protest:

On April 23rd, 2011 at 1pm, hundreds of Montrealers braved the rain and wind to tell City Hall exactly what they think.

Check out protest photos:

Here is a newspiece about that protest: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jM0LYIBB5Js[/youtube]

The City of Montreal’s Official Statement after the first protest:

We have heard the protestors’ message today.  After the shocking images were broadcast, we strongly condemned all animal cruelty.  We are keeping an eye on the Berger Blanc.  We will have more inspectors carrying out regular inspections and spot checks.

Tuesday April 26th, 2011:

  • A notice from the Quebec Government was released, stating that Anima Quebec and the Order of Veterinary Surgeons of Quebec had visited Berger Blanc today and would keep the public updated. Read it here.
  • The City of Laval, for now, decides to keep it’s contract with the Berger Blanc. Read it here.

Not good enough.  The Berger Blanc must be SHUT DOWN.  And we won’t shut UP ’til it is.   Please join us for the next demonstration on May 13th and keep watching this space for updates!  Montreal’s city council works for YOU – and your tax dollars are funding a model of animal ‘control’ that is inhumane and does not benefit animal welfare.   And thank you, Montrealers. We know what you believe in.  It’s time to be the change that we desire.



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  1. question.. you think maybe the city of montreal new about this but let things slide like they do everything else because they couldn’t be bothered by something like this, maybe because of all the other problems they’re having such as bridges and roads collapsing.

    What do they mean we’ll give them another chance? We don’t want to give them another chance, and incase they’ve forgotten they work to serve us! …I guess they forgot. Another chance to do what? another chance to put one more animal through the immoral and unethical inhumane HELL they put all those others through. Another chance WHY? is there something the Berger Blanc might divulge to the people if the city backs out of the contract, like oh maybe the city new about this but chose to look the other way? hmmmmm. CLOSE BERGER BLANC AND GET RID OF MAYOR TREMBLAY HE DOES NOT SERVE THE PEOPLE HE SERVES HIMSELF!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this information and encouraging others to close Le Berger Blanc. What the Radio-Canada report reveals is that Montreal is a slaughterhouse for domestic animals. I will never again be able to think of my beloved city the same way after seeing that report about the useless violence we perpetuate against pets we bring into the world, and then abandon. We should all feel ashamed-either because of our contribution to the animal over-population crisis, or because we have not acted soon enough to condemn the killing that was going on under our noses. The strength and health of our municipal civic identity depends so much on solving this issue. Thank you again for encouraging others to act.

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