Monday , 11 December 2017

“A kingdom founded on injustice never lasts”

It works to Manifest and show the government we are not happy! Many of us found out on Saturday that the City of  Boucherville had suspended its contract with the house of torture of the Berger Blanc. And just like Boucherville took the first step towards what is right…many more will. We manifest for what is right and that is justified! Let us continue giving a voice to animals! Keep sharing the links to petitions and articles! The more people know, the faster we will see them crumble!

Here is the link to the statement given by the City of Boucherville (French)

Here is the translation done by google translate. My apologies if there are some errors:

Berger Blanc’s contract suspended in Boucherville

April 21, 2011 – Chris Beatrice and Maxime Dorais

Following the report of the investigation team from Radio-Canada presented April 21, the City of Boucherville suspend temporarily extended the contract of this company.

The third extended the contract of impounded animal to capture, collection of dead animals, cage rentals and issuing licenses for dogs, city council voted last April 19, will be suspended until the City has more information to decide the appropriate action.

The investigative report showed, using a hidden camera, unusual practices in the euthanasia of animals. These are not euthanized by a veterinarian as required by law, the operation is performed by a technician instead. The animals were not anesthetized before receiving intracardiac injection.

The video showed animals in convulsions for minutes. The death of animals, which should be almost instantaneous, can sometimes take up to several hours. The undercover employee for Radio-Canada has even identified that animals are occasionally thrown in the trash without being dead. Moreover, a veterinarian should observe the absence of vital signs, omitted to make this the technician in charge of euthanasia.

Instead of being incinerated as want contracts with the City of Montreal, the animals are discarded at the dump in trenches dug into the garbage.

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  1. I am Canadian, and run Let’s Adopt Canada the internet based sister rescue and advocacy agency to Let’s Adopt Global. I am sickened by the goings on at the Berger Blanc. It is up to the authorities to see that the situation is straightened out. I firmly believe any criminal charges that can be laid should be laid against those who are flaunting the rules. What is going on at the Berger Blanc is disgusting and makes me sad to say I am Canadian!

  2. The laws must be changed . All animals must be taken care of . Our laws are 100s years old . They have the same rights as an old chair . This in not the way it should be . It is a misdemeanor to harm an animal .

  3. As a Canadian who has lived in Montreal, I am ashamed of Berger Blanc!! and especially Boucherville and Montreal Governments. We are definitely spreading the word to disgrace and discourage further abuse!

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