Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Shame on you Politicians!

I am disappointed to read that only 4 out of the 10 candidates that were contacted to give their opinion regarding Animal Welfare took the time to give Montreal Dog Blog an answer to our concerns. These people really don’t care! I sent out my letters to the candidates of my riding not once…but twice just in case they did not receive it. I did not get a single response back. I wrote to Eduardo Gonzalo, Agurto Catalán (Liberal), Marie-France Charbonneau (Bloc), Alain Giguère (NDP), Charles Sicotte (Green Party) and Johanne Théorêt (Conservative).  Thanks so much for showing how much you care for a vote. It is so easy to hang a picture on a post and think that people will vote for you because you have a nice face? Believe me, who ever wins, it is not because of how photogenic you are.

Last night I posted on the Montreal Dog Blog’s page that Texas has passed a very important bill that will ensure the well-being of animals that are in the hands of breeders and prevent puppy mills. As a former resident of Texas and because my family and friends still live in Texas, I sent out my letter regarding the topic of animal welfare to the State Senator of the district that corresponds to where I used to live.

And guess what? Although I may not live there, the State Senator took the time to respond to my concerns! That is why things are changing in other places! People are being listened and those in power to change things in society are taking action!

That is why on the next Demo, May 13,  we need to have more people and be louder! We have to let politicians see that we want change and we shall not bow down to their ridiculous response of just doing spot checks and waiting for more evidence. I wrote to the Mayor of Montreal and to the Mayor of Laval and still no answers! I demand answers and I want action! People of Quebec LET’S TAKE ACTION! Stand for what is in your heart and be proud to give a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves! Do not let other people intimidate you for caring for animal welfare! I get attacked everyday on twitter and in person by people telling me that there are more important things to worry about than animals. When I ask them what is their cause and that I will also support their cause if it is to benefit society…I get no response. Just because others are not doing something  or at least have the courage to speak for a right cause does not give them the right to put someone down or degrade the cause for which your heart is set. To those that have told me that there are more important issues to be handled than animal welfare, I will just quote Texas State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr :

“Animal Welfare is an important policy area that helps
to contribute not only the well-being of animals, but also the quality of life and health of people.”


Click here to see the Response of Texas Senator Lucio [1] that I received.


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  1. Wow that’s pretty amazing, so why don’t we all vote for that senator in Texas since Quebec doesn’t give a damn

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