Tuesday , 12 December 2017

NDG Mayor Applebaum responds to Berger Blanc concerns

Thank you to Montreal Dog Blog reader, Christine Archambault for letting us know she heard from NDG Mayor Applebaum’s office, in response to her letter regarding the Berger Blanc.  I also sent a letter, as I live in NDG  which has a contract with Berger Blanc (this is the template letter provided by HSI that I sent ).   Below, is the reply both Christine and I received.  If you’ve heard back from your local borough – let us know!

Mrs. Lauzon,

On behalf of Mayor Applebaum, I am confirming receipt of your e-mail concerning the Berger Blanc.

Please know that Mayor Applebaum, your local elected officials, as well as the entire management team of the borough, are very much aware of this deplorable, unacceptable, and horrible situation.  The acts witnessed in the media are troubling and inappropriate.  We all agree that this situation cannot be tolerated, neither from a contractual perspective nor, more importantly, from the standpoint of the protection of these animals’ rights and the prevention of further cruelty towards them.

Our borough services have already begun evaluating with our City lawyers all the options available to us.  All decisions must be rigorously reviewed as they are of a contractual nature with the Berger Blanc.

Our borough employees, as well as others, have already visited the Berger Blanc premises in order for us to better assess the situation.  Last week, a letter was delivered through a court bailiff to the Berger Blanc, asking that they clarify the incidents reported in the media and to notify them that the situation suggests they are in violation of several contract clauses.

I can assure you that this matter will be resolved shortly so as to ensure responsible services in this area that touches upon the respect for, as well as the dignity of, animals.  In no way do we endorse this troubling situation and that is why we intend to settle this matter as soon as possible.  All options are on the table, including, most notably, the possible cancellation of the contract.

I would like to reassure you that your representatives understand the severity of the situation portrayed in the media.


Rina Eleanor Scrim

Political Advisor to:

Michael Applebaum

Président du comité exécutif

Responsable des finances, de l’urbanisme, des immeubles,

des relations avec les arrondissements, du capital humain,

des services administratifs et des communications corporatives

275, rue Notre-Dame Est, bureau 2.105

Montréal (Québec)  H2Y 1C6

Tél. :        514 872-1191

Téléc. :        514 872-8335


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  1. Great! I don’t live in that area, but I sent a letter to the mayor anyway in order to *encourage them to do the right thing and cancel their contract with Berger Blanc*. In my letter, I articulated the reasons why a *for-profit model does NOT work*. I also mentioned the reasons why *non-profit models end up benefiting the city and the tax payer*. I also mentioned the reasons why *a company who is in violation of veterinarian standards should not be given a chance to renew a contract with our city*.

    Please post any more people to write letters to, and their responses.

  2. I wrote a letter to my burrough’s (Westmount) MPs on animal rights and asked their opinions. I only got a response by the liberal party. It was a pretty standard letter.

    I have responded to their reply with your letter on Berger Blanc. I am hoping that they answer before I go vote because I am still sitting on the fence…

    Thanks for writing such a concise letter.

  3. Hey ! It sure sounds like Palestine.
    Don’t forget,what goes around comes around!

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