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Rescue Round-Up News April 29, 2011


Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe

  1. Vancouver cops want police dogs, horses protected by law
  2. Pilot killed in plane crash, surviving dog lost in nearby bush – BC
  3. Group rescues stray pups, dog from flooded-out – Peguis MB
  4. Orphaned baby lamb survives cougar attack, abandonment on Vancouver Island
  5. Battling Cancer, rescuing animals
  6. Coyote pups rescued from historic Belleair hotel
  7. Dogs rescued after tornado devastation in North Carolina
  8. 2 rescued bloodhounds may be Hollywood stars
  9. Animal rescues in the evacuation zone Nippon Sekai – Japan
  10. Good Samaritan Rescues Family Pet from Burning Building
  11. OSPCA rescues 50 cats from Toronto household
  12. Firemen rescue abandoned, starving Collie
  13. Rescue teams pull man, dog from tree in river
  14. American reporter and husband rescue and return long-lost starving Chihuahua
  15. Rescue dogs to become New York’s official state dog
  16. Minke whale stuck in harbour is towed to open waters in Nova Scotia


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