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Citoyens Responsables de leurs Animaux de Compagnie Press Release



Citoyens Responsables de leurs Animaux de Compagnie

Press Release

Montreal, April 29, 2011 –

Following the undercover report aired last week, Mireille Goulet, a Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve citizen, created a committee of citizens of the Montreal Island wanting their municipalities to amend current animal bylaws and adopt measures from dialogues with its citizens that are similar to those of Verdun such as its Charte du bon comportement du gardien d’un animal:

« Current municipal bylaws regarding pets and contracts with for-profit pounds are outdated and inefficient in bringing a solution to issues such as overpopulation. The citizens want ethical bylaws strategies on the Montreal Island, in agreement with stakeholders such as the Montreal SPCA, HSI and the CAACQ », states Mireille Goulet, President of the CRAC Committee –Citoyens responsables de leurs animaux de compagnie, which already counts more than 20 members and is looking for citizens wanting to get involved.

The CRAC Committee’s mission is the reform of animal bylaws and the creation of an animal service and programs on the Montreal Island which will ensure transparency, ethics and traceability of its activities, all of which cannot be met with a privately-owned, for-profit pound.The CRAC Committee invites people interested in getting involved in the committee to contact:

Mireille Goulet

President and Founder of CRAC

Tel: 514-260-8737


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