Monday , 19 February 2018

Call for tenders for the pound service in Laval.


The city of Laval has recently launched a call for tenders for the pound service in Laval.   It is necessary to list the conditions of the contract.  If you know of an organization who is ready to submit an offer, it has to be done quickly. The submissions must be filed no later than Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 11:00am.  The contract with Berger Blanc will expire May 31, 2011.    If there are no other bidders, the city will have to renew the contract with BB.

Given the current complaints against BB,  if another bidder makes an interesting offer, there is hope that Laval will grant the contract to someone else.   I pray that someone else will treat the animals with kindness and respect and that the contract will not be put into the hands of  someone who uses the horrific gas chambers  !!

Thank you for your attention.

Carol W.

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  1. Nous avons rencontré le maire. Même si le BB est le seul soumissionnaire, nous avons mis de l’avant des solutions qui seront sérieusement étudiées et explorées. Il y a de l’espoir. Nous verrons bientôt si tout ça a porté fruit…

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