Thursday , 23 November 2017

Finally I get a response from Laval!


As I had said before, I wrote to the Mayor of Laval regarding the topic of closing down Berger Blanc. I don’t know if anyone else wrote to Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt, but if you did, could you be so kind in sharing what kind of response did you get?

Just a few minutes ago, I received an email from Monic Lemiux (Chief Inspector – Laval Police Department.) I wish I could just copy paste her letter to the blog…but it has that confidentiality clause. But that does not prevent me from sort of telling  you what is said on the e-mail.

Mrs. Lemiux starts by telling me that she wanted to talk to me on the phone to discuss the matter but that I never picked up the phone.  I have a feeling that she may be telling the truth because I work…and I don’t have the time to be waiting for phone calls at home. The funny thing is that I have an answering machine plus caller ID and I never heard any message or any number that would come up with the Laval Police Department headline.

After that it is said that “they”,I’m guessing the Laval Police Department, are taking actions and measures to ensure that the pound Berger Blanc is respecting the contract that will end May 31st.  So, does that mean that Laval has stationed police force within the Berger Blanc?

To end the response in a cordial note, she adds that AT THE MOMENT there is no evidence or information that indicates that animals are being subjected to cruelty at the installations of  the pound Berger Blanc. But then she adds that the city is looking for a solution to the problem and how to manage the animals of the city.  I am guessing that the Laval Police Department did not watch the undercover investigation that was aired on TV or they don’t have access to the Internet to watch it or they don’t have access to the newspapers to see that other cities are suspending or even ending the contract with the pound DUE TO CRUELTY.  I will give them the benefit of the doubt, not everyone has the chance to be up to date with current events.

Yikes… complicated.  If there is no evidence that the animals are being subjected to cruelty, why are they looking at other options?  Raise your hand if you are as confused as I am! If I wrote to the office of  Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt, why is someone else responding?

Liliana D.

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  1. Yeah, right. If she knows of “no evidence” then why are they looking for a solution to “the problem”? Here’s a solution: bring the SPCA back to Laval and give them the City contract.

  2. *raising my hand* 😉

  3. Hand is up too!
    cant belive this!

  4. Unbelievable….they don’t want to be bothered with more work! God for bid they work a bit and do their jobs! You are nice to be giving them the benefit of the doubt because if they are writing back to you it’s their responsibility to be updated and know what they are responding about!
    I am so disgusted to know that this is going on where i live! Things better change!

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