Thursday , 23 November 2017

A note of thanks

Hi everyone!

Do you feel that?

I have to tell you – since the whole Berger Blanc thing exploded last month, it’s been a whirlwind.

With each new day –  updates, progress.  With each day, a step in the right direction.  Tiny changes, tiny steps towards our goal. But it’s happening.

I wanted to just take a moment and say thank you.  To ALL of you who’ve stepped forward and made your voices heard.  For those of you who want better for our animals, our city and our core as a compassionate society.

I feel inspired and empowered.

I feel proud to live in the first Borough to cancel their contract with the Berger Blanc (thank you, NDG for listening!).  I feel a surge of hope when I hear of others doing the same…

I feel incredibly lucky to share this webspace with such a dedicated team of volunteers. The volume of information on the Berger Blanc issue is sizeable.  And staying on top of every bit of it (you know, with the pesky matter of our day jobs – heh!) can be a challenge at times.

And you guys – our readers –

Thank you for sending your e-mails, tips, inquiries. It really is a team effort here and you’re part of that.  You’ve given Montreal Dog Blog a true sense of community.  Even though time may not permit us to answer every single inquiry or e-mail. Please know they are read and so very appreciated.  So thank you for your kindnesses.  Please keep them coming.   It keeps us going!

There is a definite movement afoot here. It’s big. And it feels different than anything I’ve ever been a part of.  Every day we chip away at the dusty foundations of an animal welfare system that is lacking in every way.  And we’re going to rebuild it.  Starting with our own communities.

Bye bye, Berger Blanc.  It’s time.

(See you May 13th).

N@ Lauzon,

Montreal Dog Blog creator






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  1. When I first received the email replies from representatives of NDG, I was surprised and hopeful, but also a little worried that it was political BS – I am happy that it wasn’t just talk and that they took a stand and listened!

    Hopefully the other regions follow suit and we can get rid of this awful organization. Maybe the outcry will also bring more awareness to animal issues and be the start of pro-active solutions to pet over-population (TNR, Spay/Neuter awareness). There I go being hopeful again!

  2. While I applaude NDG for leading the way for the city to react to this horrible situation, I have to question what happens to all the animals still in the custody of Berger Blanc? Is there any control being exercised over them at this very moment, or are the animals still being senselessly tortured and killed?

    Please tell me this is under surveillance by someone responsible……please.

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