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Rescue Round-Up News May 6, 2011

Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe

  1. Gabby the dog hangs -Edmonton
  2. Owner horrified after grandson of 16yrs hurts dog by dragging him while chained2truck – St John
  3. Dog trained for woman with multiple personalities –  Regina
  4. Two dogs dead, one saved in pet restaurant fire – Edmonton
  5. Police hunt Brampton dog killer
  6. Baby lamb that survived cougar attack to be adopted out as a pet – BC
  7. Dog left to die in forest – Ontario
  8. Oshawa couple dedicate lives to rescuing hurt, sick exotic animals
  9. Ottawa rescued dog victim of hit-and-run
  10. Rescue dog credited with saving owner from snake – Az
  11. Dad, son rescue dolphin- Australia
  12. 11 Golden Retrievers Arrive In Golden State After Being Abandoned In Taiwan
  13. Animal Rescue Group Works With Arkansas Storm Victims
  14. Airline Employee Helps Rescue Doomed Dogs
  15. Woman not allowed to adopt puppy she rescued New Hampshire
  16. Two dogs rescued from Wellington apartment fire
  17. Several cats rescued from basement after 12 years
  18. Dogs cramped in cages rescued – India
  19. Dog breeding operation shutdown – 30 dehydrated pit bulls were rescued – Calgary
  20. Rabbit rescued from railway trestle  Calgary


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