Saturday , 25 November 2017

PDF Copy of Original Letter from Brigitte Bardot To Mayor Tremblay




My friend Carl Poirier shared with me that Brigitte Bardot Foundation web site had posted the letter that was sent to Mayor Tremblay.  I just wished some of our own Montreal renowned actors and singers would take interest in an issue that concerns the city where they are from. I have been tweeting and writting to Mr. William Shatner to take some interest on the topic. Why him? Because he is from Montreal and he has a good heart. He is always giving charity to animal groups in the U.S.A. So why wouldn’t he give a bit of interest to the situation concerning animals that are from the city of where he is from? If you want to help out to get more people interested from outside from Canada please share the petitions, share the video on youtube of the taping shown on Enquete, write to those that are interested an active regarding animal welfare. Mr. Shatner just spoke against the seal hunt and is very active on the topic of Lucy, the sick elephant in Toronto. Let us hope and pray he can also have the heart to speak for animals in Montreal and spread the word regarding animal welfare in Montreal. We need more support and more voice in order to close this hideous place. —Liliana


If you would like to write to Mr. Shatner here is his fan email:

Like his FaceBook Page and leave a message:

Have Twitter? Send him a Tweet! He actually reads and responds every now and then: @WilliamShatner

Here is the link to the youtube video that can be shared outside Canada



Click here to read the letter from Brigitte Bardot to Mayor Tremblay.


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  1. Let’s not forget that there is another manifestation against Berger Blanc at 1pm on Saturday May 28th. I am worried that the initial reaction of horror of our population has died down. At the demonstration of the 13th of May, there seemed to be less supporters of the cause (shutting down Berger Blanc). Please participate in the one on the 28th. Our four-legged friends need a voice. Thanks to all!

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