Thursday , 23 November 2017

Monday May 16th: Public Meeting at City Hall

Thank you to Montreal Dog Blog reader, Deborah for passing along this information:

From Deborah:

I received a very long and thoughtful response from Piper Huggins of Plateau Mont-Royal (she is a councillor in charge of the Animal Control Dossier).  It is public knowledge that Projet Montreal will be presenting a motion on May 16th to City Council on ‘gestion animal responsable’  (responsible animal control management).

 There is a question period and it has been strongly encouraged for concerned citizens could show up to this meeting. There is information about this public meeting at city hall available here:

 Meeting info:,40669590&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

The order of the agenda for that day’s meeting: See motion 65.11 on page 13 for “gestion animal responsable”

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  1. I am attending, and hope to be able to ask a question during the public question period. I will have three typed questions that a group of us spent much of the day drafting (they are in French): one is on the budgetary issues (showing that lots of city projects cost millions of dollars and this one should too) also a question on for-profit pounds and how the city should stop doing business with them. We will be there at noon to hopefully get our names on the list of questioners, but this is not guaranteed. If anyone would like to join us please email me by posting a message for Anjali on the Truth about Berger Blanc Facebook page. The more people we have the better the chances that our number is drawn and we get to ask a question. You need to be there by noon at the latest to get on the list for questions.

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