Wednesday , 17 January 2018

REMINDER: Protest this Friday!!

Talk is cheap.  Words are plentiful.  Deeds are precious.


What you need to know:

  • 2 Montreal Boroughs have cancelled their contract with the Berger Blanc:  NDG and The Plateau
  • Individual Boroughs need to make the decision to sever ties with Berger Blanc, so please contact your Borough Mayor’s Office
  • A petition of The People vs Berger Blanc
  • A petition that goes to the National Assembly, urging standardized animal control in Quebec
  • You can attend a public meeting at City Hall on Monday – where Project Montreal will propose that the city create a committee to examine how animal policies can be improved
  • Louise Harel, leader of Vision Montreal (the City’s opposition party) wants Montreal to create its own animal control agency (like Toronto and Calgary have done)
  • Mayor Gerald Tremblay isn’t keen on the idea – he says it would cost $5 mill/year – and we just don’t have the money
  • Bottom line:  BB must close BUT logistically, there needs to be a replacement facility once that happens.  So – showing City Hall that you want Montreal to have it’s OWN animal control operation is key.  No more contracting out to private ‘for-profit’ organizations like the Berger Blanc.  Which brings us to:
  • The next protest is THIS FRIDAY, outside of City Hall: 5:30pm -7pm, 125 rue Notre-Dame Est (Metro: Champ-de-Mars)

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  1. Sherrill Pearson

    Had no idea the protest was today Friday May 13th.!! I was at last protest and it was said it was on Saturday 14th. It was not on CJAD or on the news. Too bad I could have been there with friends.

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