Saturday , 25 November 2017

Ask A Vet: Cranberries and UTI

Q:  Hello –  My labrador has pinkish pee… would that be an urinary infection?  If its the case, does cranberry juice help just like it does with us?

A:  The fact that your dog’s urine has a pink colour probably means that there is blood in it. There are a variety of reasons why that may happen.  Some of the most common reasons would include bladder infection, crystals, bladder stones, prostatic disease (in males), and bladder cancer (in older animals). A visit to the vet is definitely warranted to determine why your dog has blood in his or her urine. In addition to performing a physical examination, your vet will probably want to do a urinalysis and maybe an x-ray or blood tests too. Cranberry juice is thought to perhaps inhibit the ability of e-coli bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall but it is by no means an effective treatment on its own to treat an infection if there truly is one present.

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  1. I think cranberries are great, but more as a preventative measure; they cannot resolve full blown infection.

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