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Rescue Round-Up News May 20, 2011

Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe

  1. Iraq donkey moves to Nebraska
  2. Computer Guys rescue Humane Society data
  3. Wildlife rescue: Tips to help distressed animals
  4. Baby deer on the mend after rescue from field
  5. Edmonton Humane Society sends animal rescue team to Slave Lake
  6. NBC Camera crews capture 2 injured dogs saved by Detroit Dog Rescue
  7. Ottawa woman charged with animal cruelty after 9mnth dog starves to death
  8. Help cats live better lives
  9. Seized pit bulls looking for new homes in Calgary
  10. Rescued Huskies being groomed for adoption in Saskatchewan
  11. Canada Post launches dog bite awareness campaign
  12. Sled dog racing association shuts doors in Alberta
  13. Sole puppy survivor from litter that froze to death in Northwest finds home
  14. Missing dog: Owner reunited with dog after it was in stolen car
  15. Arrest made in nail gun dog abuse case

NBC Nightly News profiled Detroit Dog Rescue for their “Making a Difference” segment, and filmed DDR rescuing two very wonderful dogs…


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