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Everyday dogs helping kids with disabilities

Check out this really unique, Montreal-based program, geared toward family dogs helping kids with developmental disabilities!

PACCK Everyday Dog Program

A family dog can be a great resource for a child with a developmental disability.  From everyday play, to walks, to feedings, every activity and interaction with a family dog can have life changing outcomes for a child with special needs and their family. The key is in knowing how to get the most out of a dog’s everyday behaviour in order to help the child.

The PACCK Everyday Dog Program is a revolutionary canine assistance program intended to provide all families with tools, activities and strategies to get the most out of their everyday interaction with their family dog in order to provide a therapeutic benefit for a child with a developmental disability.

Why the Everyday Dog Program?
At a very basic level, families with children with developmental disabilities require as much support as possible in order to enhance the quality of life of their children. Too often, families are left to manage on their own or spend months or even years waiting for services. Most assistance dog organizations in Canada have enormous waiting lists and may take up to two years to provide an assistance dog for a child with special needs. PACCK understands that early intervention is critical. We want to ensure that families have more immediate access to help for their children. The Everyday Dog program cuts through the red tape and eliminates the waiting. Your child, your family pet and you, right here and now,without the wait.

Goals of the Program
It doesn’t matter if the dog is a Shi-tzu, a Labrador or a Great Dane, PACCK helps families get the most out of their family dog in order to promote the growth and development of a child with special needs. The Everyday Dog Program provides assistance with the development of a child’s:

  • Verbal skills
  • Learning abilities
  • Motor function
  • Behaviour (modification or interruption)
  • Self-calming abilities
  • Social skills

Who we intend to help
Any family or individual with a child with special needs and a family dog can access the Everyday Dog Program. Children must be ages 2-18 and have been formally diagnosed with a developmental disability. Canine pets must have basic obedience skills, have no aggressive tendencies and be in good health as determined by a licensed veterinarian.

Any health care professional working with children with developmental disabilities can also benefit from the program through training on how to integrate the family dog into different models of intervention.

How to benefit from the program
PACCK provides guided group classes at community organizations in Montreal or at its Training Centre located inHemmingford, Quebec. One to one classes are available as well.

To register, visit or contact us directly at 514-876-8888.


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