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Rescue Round-Up News May 26, 2011




Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe


  1. Cat rescued after 13 days up a tree
  2. Pets victimized by Slave Lake wildfires receive a helping hand
  3. Kitten dies after being thrown out of moving vehicle -Calgary
  4. Oshawa trainer charged with kicking, hanging dogs from leashes
  5. Rescued from Memphis flood, pets await owners as ASPCA shelter closes
  6. Video: Joplin Tornado Dog Rescue, How To Help Pets, Animals | Global Animal
  7. Breeder-license law triggers dog abandonment River Falls Wisconsin
  8. Happy Homecoming for Dog Carried Away by Tornado
  9. Abandoned, neglected pit bull becomes poster girl for B-More Dog’s Humane Education program & an amazing best friend.
  10. Dog and cat selling ban a bad idea: City officials – Toronto
  11. War Dog Adoption Requests Rise Following Bin Laden Mission
  12. Charges to man that killed woman that was helping a stray dog -California
  13. Man adopts dog from his sister, then abandons dog at shelter
  14. Mountain Lion Charges Two Girls and Their Dog in Colorado Park:
  15. Dog earns award for helping save a life
  16. Dog saved from rubble in Joplin, Mo.
  17. Palm City man goes one-on-one with alligator, saves dog (video)



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