Wednesday , 17 January 2018

A Mommy and her 2 little ones need a home

The following is a courtesy listing in order to help Vicki find responsible homes for an abandoned cat and her two little ones. Vicky shared on the Facebook page for the blog that her neighbor abandoned the mommy cat, left her loose and then she came to Vicky’s balcony to give birth. Thank you Vicky for being kind and helping them.

Please take a look a the pictures and if you cannot give them a home, at least give them a chance by passing this posting around amongst family and friends.

The kittens are four weeks old and should be ready for adoption with their mommy  at the end of the month. Both of the kittens are males.

Vicki does ask for a few things from those that will be willing to give them a good home

1. they need to fix the kittens and the mommy

2. they CANNOT go outside

3. they need to love and spoil them!

Please contact Vicki at any time:





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  1. omg!!! they are precious…I hope they could find a loving home asap!!!
    but there’s 3 kittens in the pic +, I supose Vicky got one for herself? 😉 I hope so…I’ll share on twitter and facebook!! Good luck!! <333 and much love for the kitties 😉

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