Wednesday , 17 January 2018

FOUND: white dog in NDG

UPDATE: This little guy is going to be rehomed via the person who found him (turns out his owners are always ‘losing’ him – and aren’t that interested in where he ends up).  It’s lucky he ended up in someone else’s loving home!
The following is a courtesy listing, please contact the number below for further information. AND DON’T FORGET TO SHARE!
  • Found on Thurs, June 2nd, 10am in NDG (outside the Montreal-Ouest train station)
  • Fixed, no collar or tags.

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  1. I have riposted this in Craigslist..hopefully the owners can be found

  2. In cases like that, I wouldn’t even both to notify the owners anymore. It’s obvious that the little guy hasn’t been brushed in a while and he will probably be better off in a new home.

  3. Poor fella! He doesn’t deserve to be “lost” all the time. Hard to tell in the photo but he kinda looks a little like a Westie. Any idea how old he is?

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