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Rescue Round-Up News June 3,2011

Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe

  1. Lake City man dies trying to rescue dog in Minnesota
  2. Husky who spent 16 months in a crate taken in by Flintshire rescue -UK
  3. The long road home: Rescued dog, Jonah, to be adopted
  4. Stranded dog Gilligan rescued off SC island
  5. Dog rescued from storm drain
  6. Crews rescue dog after paw stuck in bath plughole
  7. The Jerusalem SPCA to Receive Donation from Rescue Chocolate
  8. Puppies saved by Border Patrol and rescue group are ready for adoption
  9. Unleashed: Pit bull ambassador stopping by Baltimore
  10. Cab, Ol’ Savannah and Bud Rice Teaming up to help Eleven Eleven Rescue
  11. 140 starving dogs in need of help  Greece
  12. Lost Dog Makes 1200 Mile Trip from Colorado to California
  13. 9 year old boy saves kitten from 12-year-old abuser (video)
  14. Stray animals find shelter in Korean homes
  15. Campaign aims to restore Pit Bulls’ positive image
  16. Steve Porter moves heaven and lots of earth to rescue dog Jessie in Australia
  17. ‘I’ve killed my dog, ha ha’: Sadistic teenager hangs pet… and posts pictures on Facebook
  18. Take Your Dog To Work Day 2011 | International Dog Event
  19. Dog survives being trapped for a week underground
  20. Firefighters disassemble car to rescue cat




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