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Bailey: Off The Streets, Still Homeless

June 9 UPDATE: We are happy to tell you Bailey has found his FOREVER HOME! Thank you everyone for sharing his story!

Just one of so many sad animal stories in Montreal.  Fortunately, this dog gets a second chance.  But who is ready and willing to give him a forever home?  This story comes from Cathy and Barb – two ladies with giant hearts.   Please read, share and hopefully we can help this wonderful dog find the home he deserves. (Note – this case is being handled via PetitsPawz Rescue – a registered animal charity in Montreal)

Both Barb and I have worked in animal rescue for years.  Two months ago, we saw a street dog in distress that we just couldn’t walk away from.

And so we went down the rabbit hole into a world that neither one of us ever wants to visit again – the world of drugs, homelessness, HIV, animal abuse and utter despair.

We did come back with the dog though.

Bailey’s a beautiful year old male pitbull (scroll to video below).  He had lived his first winter out of doors in the bitter cold with his owner, a young homeless man. None of the homeless shelters accept dogs. So, there are many dogs on Montreal streets in this situation.

We first encountered him wrapped in a blanket on the side walk – lethargic and terribly sick. The homeless are often on the move so it took us a few days to locate his owner and him again. This time with some coaxing, his owner allowed us to take him to our vet – where he was treated. And he recovered.

It was hard to walk away at this point from the young man we met. Dissheveled, sick himself and also in need of medical attention.  Over time we built a relationship with his owner and were able to connect him up to social services and medical care. We discovered a young man sick with HIV and Hepatitis C, still chained to a world of drugs, in trouble with the law etc. A sad and lost soul.  There were never any illusions about helping him to change his life. There were no signs that he wanted to either.

Our focus had to change when we found out about the police reports about him beating his dog in front of witnesses. It was clear that we could not leave Bailey with his owner and so began a series of steps that enabled us to remove him from the streets and place him in a safe haven.

Bailey has been at a vet clinic for 6 weeks now. He has been neutered and vaccinated. He is a sweet and playful dog, good with other dogs. He is loved by the staff yet remains fearful of men. Though safe, the small enclosure at the vet’s does not offer the benefits that come from being with an owner that will really care for him. Given what he has been through, we know that he at least deserves that.

We have been working hard at contacting rescue networks, trying to find a home for him.

Our vet bill has reached almost $1000. We are looking at trying to board him at a boarding center where he can really socialize at least with other dogs until we can find a permanent home for him.

We all feel that we are getting closer to finding someone for him. In rescue work, it’s often all about the timing. We just need a little bit of help to make this happen for Bailey.  Bailey’s former owner knows that he is safe.


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