Wednesday , 17 January 2018

4 Urgent Cases: Reach For The Stars Rescue

The following is a courtesy listing for Reach For The Stars Rescue .  Please contact them at: for information on any of these animals. And thanks for considering adoption or fostering!

Right now, we have two dogs and two cats in dire need of placement (photos below!)

Indiana is a young black lab who has already been through our rescue once. She found a loving home, but due to a severe illness in the family needs to be relocated ASAP – whether it’s another adoption, or to a foster home, she needs to be moved right away and we have nowhere for her to go.

Lolita is a six year old schnauzer who was a former therapy dog. She has allergies and some other health problems, and she has been so heavily medicated that it started to cause some more permanent damage. She’s also been bounced around an awful lot lately, and as a result has developed separation anxiety. She is in desperate need of a foster home, preferably someone who lives in a house and not an apartment, as if she’s left alone she barks (not terribly loud, but loud enough to be disruptive to someone sharing a wall with her). She has several vet bills and a number of tests that she needs to have done – these need to be paid for.

Phlox is a sweet cat who needs a home in the country, where she can be a happy outdoor cat. She is not clean in the house, but she is a sweetie, and gets along well with other animals.

Dahlia is a tortie cat who is afraid of other animals. As an only cat she’d be wonderful – clean in the house, very loving. She is currently being fostered with many other animals, and it is really not the ideal situation for her. We need to find her somewhere else right away.

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