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What to do if you see a pup inside of a Car. Saving Dogs From Fatal Heatstroke!‏

It is not unusual to hear in the news that a dog has died due to the lack of common sense from their owners and being left trapped inside a car. It does not matter if it is for a few minutes or if the person believes it is not hot enough, an animal should never be unattended in a vehicle. Some people argue that leaving the window partially open is enough for ventilation. According to, on a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to between 100 to 120 degrees in just minutes, and on a 90-degree day, the interior temperature can reach as high as 160 degrees in less than 10 minutes. The following are steps that should be followed in case an animal needs help out of the vehicle.

What to do when you see a pup inside of a hot car?


The following information has been obtained from My Dog Is Cool and Dogs in Hot Cars

  1. If you see a dog inside of a car, write the description of the car: color, model, make, and license plate number.
  2. Have a friend or another person keep an eye on the dog. Don’t leave the pup alone until situation is resolved!
  3. Go to the stores around the parking lot and  have the owner paged in the store.
  4. If no one responds call local humane authorities or police.
  5. If police does not respond or too slow and the dog’s life appears to be in imminent danger, find a witness (or several) who will testify your argument
  6. Take steps to remove the suffering animal, and then wait for authorities to arrive.


Look for  heatstroke symptoms

  • restlessness
  • excessive thirst
  • heavy panting, lethargy
  • lack of appetite
  • dark tongue
  • rapid heartbeat
  • fever
  • vomiting
  • lack of coordination.

If you see the dog to show any of these conditions, please take him or her to an emergency vet!

Please move the pup to shade and give him or her water.  Ask around in the stores if they can provide you with room temperature water and slowly immerse and sponge-bathe the limbs and body until veterinary care can be obtained.  Never use ICE or COLD WATER. If you put ice on a dog when his temperature is high and he shows the signs of heat stroke… you will kill him. Never use ice water or ice if a dog is suffering from heat stroke because ice constricts the blood vessels and traps heat inside the dog where you don’t want it.

The site provides people with free printout flyers to leave on cars if an animal is inside of a car when we see the temperature is not high and the pup is in no distress. In this manner people can be educated regarding the dangers of leaving an animal in a car.

For the print outs in English and French




Our MDB car clings are back this summer! These handy (no residue) clings stick to your car window to show that you care for your pet – and to hopefully remind others not to leave dogs in hot cars.

Get your FREE clings while supplies last at: Bailey Blu Pet Boutique, Animalerie Little Bear and Doghaus Montreal! (French also available)



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  1. Excellent advice and I will print out some of those flyers. I’ve told shopping centre security about dogs in parked cars before and they are usually very helpful about paging.

  2. Are there any french versions of these flyers available?

    • Hi Angie…I’m looking for them as we speak. I was hoping to find some at PETA France but have not been lucky yet. I like the flyer from My Dog Is Cool. It gives more information and can educate people more. My Dog is Cool is an organization from the United States. I have contacted them to see it is possible to have them translated to french. We would require permission for that. Will keep everyone informed as soon as I get an answer or if I find something similar in french:)

  3. Wish I could have these in French, seeing that I’m in Quebec. Will print them anyway and leave some in my car and in my hubby’s car.

  4. I have printed off “Too Hot for Spot”, and have asked my building’s corner store to display it. It’s SHOCKING how many people leave their dogs “just for a second”, only to get distracted by their kids, or another, forgotten errand.

  5. “Take steps to remove the suffering animal, and then wait for authorities to arrive.” By this do you mean smashing the windows of the car? If so, how? I’ve never tried it + wouldn’t know how to begin. What are the possible legal consequences of this action?

    • As long as you follow the steps and have evidence and witnesses of your attempt to reach out the owner of the car but the life of the animal is in danger…then it is for the police to see that the owner of the violated the law and the safety of the animal was in jeopardy. There are people that just say smash a window… Yes smash it but do it the way professionals tell you to do it. In that manner you will have the skills to save an animal and keep yourself safe. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment Edith.

      According to DIVISION IV.1.1

      55.9.2. The owner or custodian of an animal shall ensure that the safety and welfare of the animal are not jeopardized. The safety or welfare of an animal is jeopardized where

      (1) the animal does not have access to drinking water or food in quantities and of a quality in keeping with its biological requirements;

      (2) the animal is not kept in premises that are suitable, salubrious, clean and adapted to the animal’s biological requirements and where the installations are not likely to affect the animal’s safety or welfare or is not properly transported in an appropriate vehicle;

      (3) the animal does not receive the health care required by its condition while it is wounded, sick or suffering;

      (4) the animal is subject to abuse or ill-treatment that may affect its health

  6. Check out rhe Facebook Group page HotDogZ ResQ we are a group of volunteers that patrol the parking lots in Montreal/Quebec and a group in the Niagara region…we have bilingual flyers..check us out and help spread the word about the danger of leaving dogs in hot cars

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