Wednesday , 17 January 2018

Pup Looking for his Human!

The following is a courtesy listing in order to help Lea find the family of this lost little pup.  She sent the following email:

I live on the Base of Saint-Hubert (Saint-Hubert and edge of Longueuil). This dog followed my Son home and kinda made himself a temporary home. He is Beige with a small white spot on his chest. He would be considered the size of a Jack Russell just not to sure what type of dog he is. He will be staying at my house until the owner is found. I was told by a vet that he is still a puppy, he has no micro chip and was found without a collar. I can be contacted at  (450)678-5570  (leave a msg on my answering machine and I will call back as soon as i can) or send me an email at

Thank you for allowing me to send you the info, i didn’t know where else to turn to, i called the SCDD to see if someone reported a lost dog in the area, i went to the vet and did my neighborhood and no one has claimed him or reported him.

Lea Dussault

Here are the pictures of the little lost pup!

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