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Welcome to my blog!

Hi – I’m Alex!

Before I formally start this blog, I would like to make it clear that I am not a vet, a trainer, a behaviorist, or a nutritionist.

I have been working with animals since I was a kid, starting with rescues and later working in the companion animal industry. I have always had dogs in my life, whether it be family pets, fosters, or now my very own furbaby. Life is nothing without them. I have learned everything I know through living with dogs, working with dogs, from my co-volunteers, co-workers and clients. I have spent most of my free time researching holistic animal care and practicing what I preach to my clients.

Global Pet Foods is the fifth pet food store I have worked at, and there are a few reasons I have been sticking to this industry:

  • First is to provide great customer service and advice somewhere where animals are NOT sold.
  • Second is to have an impact on the lives of many animals. Simple comments and suggestions could make the difference between a client giving up on their pet( this will be explained in a later post).
  • Finally, third is because even though there are some really crappy, horrible pet owners out there, I get to meet the amazing ones too. The ones who will never give up, the ones who will find the healthiest products, spend the time training, working, and playing with their pets. I learn the most from my clients. They share stories and experiences that you can’t always read in books. They ask me questions I have not thought of, which opens to door to doing more research until I have found an answer.

This blog will be about sharing a lot of my clients frequently asked questions, strangest questions, and some tid bits about adventuring into the world of dog agility.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    I am writing to you with the hope that you know of or can direct me to a good canine nutritionist.

    I have the most precious and loveable chocolate-colored miniature poodle (Gucci). LOL

    My problem is that he absolutely refuses to eat anything but people food. He just simply won’t eat dog food (we’ve tried…every brand and even the most expensive vet foods, dry or wet).

    And we have watched him lose weight (noticeably) for the past several weeks in trying to follow vets orders to NOT give him anything BUT the recommended vet food. He has completely refused to eat more than a few bitefuls per day. This has been going on for several weeks now and I refuse to let it go on any longer. Yesterday he started vomitting yellowish-color bile because he just doesn’t have anything in his stomach. Enough is enough!!!

    So, I boiled some skinless & boneless chicken breasts with green beans and carrots. I cut it all up into tiny pieces and gave it to him. It honestly brought tears to my eyes and just broke my heart to see how hungry he was. He gobbled it all up and then seemed to be happy and content and played around for a while with us and with his toys and then went for a long nap.

    So, I will continue to do this until I can find a good dog nutritionist that can give me recipes or ideas on which (people) foods I can give him that won’t be bad for him and that can be just as nutritious as canned or dry dog food.

    Hope you can help! Thanks.


  2. Hi Lynn!
    I have a few clients who have the same issue as you.
    I mean how bad can it really be if we eat it?

    However you do need to find a balance. Just giving him muscle meat and a few veggies is not a balanced meal for a dog.

    In the wild a dog would kill his prey and eat not only the muscle meat but the stomach, internal organs. They would also chew up the bones.

    I mainly feed by dog raw meat and had to do a lot of research to feel comfortable doing so. I have also chosen to keep away from all grains. When I find recipes that include grain I will usually replace them.

    I have had a hard time locating a good canine nutritionist. ( As most nutrition programs are indorsed by pet food companies.)
    I can recommend a few great books though !

    “The Ultimate Pet Food Guide”-Liz Palika
    “Natural Dog”- Dr. Khalsa’s
    “Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs”- by Lew Olson, PhD

    “Natural Health For Dogs And Cats”- by Dr. Pitcairn has a great breakdown to help you understand the importance of all aspects of your pet’s diet. ( As well as tons of other important information about pet care!)

    Once I locate a nutritionist I will let you know as well.

    I really hope this answers your question!

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