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Pampered Pets: Ear Infections!

As a professional dog groomer one of the most common problems we see are EAR INFECTIONS!
So many ear infections and so many dog owners oblivious to their dog’s condition.

So here are the WARNING SIGNS, POSSIBLE CAUSES, CLEANING TECHNIQUES and TREATMENTS to consider when caring for your pet.


* Your dog’s ears have a yeast-like smell ( terrible odor most owner think their dog is just dirty).

*There is redness and swelling in the dog’s ear.

* A yellow or brownish discharge in your dog’s ear.

* Your dog is constantly and excessively shaking and scratching its head and ears.


Ear infections can be caused by a variety of things.
However allergies are the typical cause. If your dog has or is highly susceptible to allergies the dog is likely to develop an ear infection.

Water getting into the ear is another common cause, if your dog likes to swim he may be prone to ear infections.
When water gets into a dog’s ear the water can not properly drain out thus creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and yeast.

*This does NOT mean you shouldn’t allow your dog to swim or get wet it simply means that you should thoroughly dry your dogs ears in order to prevent infections.

Regardless of how well you care for your dog at some point in their lives they will develop an ear infection.
Cleaning your dogs ears regularly will help to prevent it.


* Put a Few drops of ear cleaning liquid into the dogs ear.

* Then Gently Rub the ear for 30 seconds to loosen any debris stuck inside the ear canal.

* Using a soft cloth, gauze or cotton ball gently wipe the dirt out of the infected ear.

If your dog has a mild ear infection try cleaning the ears once a day every day for 7 days if there is no improvement consult with your veterinarian.
They will prescribe the best and most effective treatment to treat the ear infection.

While most medications to treat ear infections are typically applied directly into the ears, if your dog has a severe infection the veterinarian may prescribe an oral treatment.

All dogs are prone to ear infections some breeds with large ears that flop over are more susceptible such as Goldens, Labs, Cockers, Poodles etc…….

Learn how to detect the early signs of an ear infection and if your not 100% sure talk to your vet or ask your friendly dog groomer!

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