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New proposed regulations for the security and well-being of cats and dogs – English version‏


Please click the link below to read the regulations.

New proposed regulations for the security and well-being of cats and dogs – English version‏

The Following PDF was kindly provided by Gayle Coleman






MAPAQ asks for your letters concerning the new provincial regulations regarding the welfare of companion animals be sent to the following person and address:

Madame Madeleine Fortin, sous-ministre adjointe
Direction générale de la santé animale et de l’inspection des aliments
200, chemin Sainte-Foy, 12e étage
Québec (Québec) G1R 4X6
Télécopieur : 418 380-2171


Here is the information of where to contact Madeleine Fortin directly:


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  1. Thanks so much for posting this!
    I have not read through this document yet in its entirety, although I will and I am also willing to write a letter with my comments. However, being fairly unfamiliar so far with some of the shortcomings of the Quebec laws, I am wondering if someone here has some pointers about what might be gaps or problem areas which the proposed changes do not address. I’ll be eager to get any comments/suggestions about what could be put in a letter. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Deborah,

      These are a few of the topics that I will be including to my letter that it is to be sent to MAPAQ. The new regulations mention that no animal can be chained outside for more than 12 hours. In my opinion, being chained outside for half of the day it is not humane. It is not ok to have an animal tethered and it does not make it right just for the fact that the animals has water & food close to them.

      Just within the first few sentences of the new regulations it is stated that cats and dogs can be part of academic institutions and laboratories. I am against vivisection of any kind of animal. Since these regulations are for cats and dogs, I would like to know where do the laboratories and academic institutions get the cats and dogs for them to be tested on. I have read of pounds and even some shelters selling the animals to these kinds of institutions. I would like for them to tell me where do they get the animals from and why is it ok for cats and dogs being victims of vivisection.
      If you read from article 50 down it talks about the gas chamber or euthanasia cabinets. It states that it is ok for multiple animals to be placed inside the gas chamber as long as they are separated. Will MAPAQ be buying new gas chambers in order for people to see that it is the multiple animal gas chambers that they are using? It mandates that the animals need to remain inside the cabinet for full 20 minutes in order to ensure the animal is dead. In my opinion it is 20 minutes of torture, and with this fact now we know that it is not true that an animal in a gas chamber is killed instantly and painlessly.

      Another thing that bothers me is that in these regulations there is nothing to be found regarding pet shops. I would like to see that the Province implement a regulation like it was done in Ontario. In the city of Toronto, pet shop owners have to provide information to the city that shows that the animals that they are selling come from a certified breeder. The city of Toronto has to be the ones certifying the breeder and city would be taking steps into following that it is a breeder under their regulations.

      There are many topics on the “New” Regulations. I still do not see how will animals benefit from them.

  2. Okay-now after reading I realize my question was a bit silly as this document does nothing to support animals from euthanasia by gassing. Still, I am wondering if we have any models of documents from other provinces/countries by which to compare in order to have concrete examples of superior law making/protection on other fine points in this document….

  3. Thanks so much, Liliana! I feel silly as the things you mention are such clear, obvious shortcomings of the laws that are actually doing more to protect suspect industries better than the welfare of animals. Reading it through I find some of the allowances (like leaving an animals outside: how is this possible in a region of the world where the cold kills people each and every year?) unsatisfactory. I just wanted to get a sense of what others think– in order to compose a letter expressing concerns that will touch on what others are writing about, all in the hopes of giving more strength to our suggestions, etc.
    Thanks so much for your response, and in solidarity,

  4. I agree with Lilliana 100%. Gas chambers should not be an option. If euthanasia is to be used, it should be instant and painless. What difference does it make if the animals are separated or not if they’re going to suffer a horrible death? In regards to laboratories and academic institutions, this should be removed altogether. How is this seen as a way to improve quality of life. Shelters should not be able to sell them to these institutions. It is not the animals fault that they ended up in a shelter to begin with and then later be exposed to horrible treatment/testing.

    Dogs should not be tied up outdoors without supervision or any extended periods of time whatsoever. 12 hrs is absolutely unacceptable. If a person leaves an animal alone for 12hrs outdoors while restrained, they should probably not have pets to begin with. Clearly they do not have the time needed to devote to the dog.

    I’d also like to see different boroughs change their rules around the low # of maximum pets per household allowed. As long as they are neutered, a person should not be limited nor forced to give up their pets because of an arbitrarily chosen number by the city. Of course I am not speaking of animal hoarding situations, but rather that of families with 2+ dogs.

    Pet shops should only be allowed to acquire pets from certified breeders. You’ll notice that if you visit pet shops around the city, they can rarely confirm where the animal came from. This tells you right away that it came from a mill.

    I’d also like to see a law implemented around spotting an animal in a car during extreme temperatures. We should be able to notify the police and have the owner of the vehicle fined and have a record for animal cruelty. Having the window open 1 inch does not change the temperature in the vehicle and many pet perish because of this.

    I really hope our thoughts are heard and acted upon.

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