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Rescue Round-Up News July 1,2011




Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe

  1. Puppies found in Graveyard taped inside a Box – Toronto
  2. Rabbit Rescue makes appeal to Guelph, Ontario residents
  3. Pet store to stop selling puppies in Canada
  4. Teen charged with kicking police dog under new law passed after sled-dog massacre – BC
  5. Seoul dog meat festival canceled –  Korea
  6. Lifeboat crew races to save dog stranded off Crail
  7. Police have to smash car window to rescue dog
  8. Massive rescue effort to help trapped horse
  9. Happy bionic dog loving life with unique new paws
  10. Detroit joggers rescue kitten tied in a grocery bag
  11. Four Boys Found Trapped Kitten, Led Rescue Effort
  12. 28 pot bellied pigs rescued from Lady’s Island home
  13. Man rescues dogs seen on Fukushima plant’s webcam — TEPCO demands be returned during “ghoulish and bizarre” conversation
  14. Nonprofit group rescues feral cats from Yakima motel in Washington  (video)
  15. Man finds all 7 cats after tornado
  16. Dolphins rescued with aid from Facebook, Twitter in Vancouver Island (video)
  17. Abandoned Chihuahua Proves to Be Excellent Sheepdog
  18. Family dog also survives plane crash (video)
  19. Mama Dog Leads Rescuers to Litter of Puppies (video)


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