Wednesday , 17 January 2018

Stanley’s Road to Recovery -Good bye rib cage and hip bones…hello 8 pounds

Here’s this weeks update from Tara!
Stanley's first week in foster
Stanley has gone from 35 pounds to 43 and is already looking like a new dog.  These much needed pounds have filled out his torso so his little rib cage is no longer visible and his hip bones no longer jut out of the top of his body. His fur is growing back slowly, he is starting to look a little more beige though as you can see in the photos he’s still looking a little sad in the fur area.  Last week he attempted to shine up his coat by stealing an entire bag of baby cat food from the foster office, sadly the only result was terrible gas. 
Now that Stanley is feeling stronger he’s begun to gain some muscle mass as well as a curiosity for everything around him.  Since I’ve had him I’ve left him loose in the house and because he was somewhat weak and getting used to his surroundings he would mostly just sleep on the couch until I got home.  Those days are over and it’s looking like a good time to start crate training.  Today while home alone he created a nest on his bed of random items from around the house.  When I arrived home this afternoon he had the following items on his bed: a hairbrush, a book he had removed from the book shelf, a torn up plastic bag, a glass tumbler, a plastic bottle and a rubber dog bone.  Not sure what he was trying to build but clearly I interrupted the project.  While I’m not crazy about his new hobby I am glad to see him feeling good enough to explore on his own. 
We took advantage of the great weather and walked for an hour and a half yesterday, he met so many people along Monkland and everyone wanted to stop and meet him.  They also said really nice things about him, and told him he was beautiful.  So far all the attention has not gone to his head, he remains humble even when people stop to say they saw him on the news.  Perhaps it’s his bad haircut that keeps him grounded.
He’s made huge progress with the potty training, I would venture to say he is 95% housetrained now.  I’m on vacation for the next week so the last 5% will be our goal for the week and I think he’ll have no problems getting to 100%.  They’ll be lots of time for walking, enjoying the outdoors and all that fun stuff and if all goes as planned Stanley will be going to the country this weekend for a little rest and relaxation.  Which is good because Stanley is very good at both of those things! 
Stanley today !
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  1. YAY FOR STANLEY!!!! And yes you are beautiful!!!

  2. Everyone needs a good book next to their bed! Stanley is just proving that point (I hope he picked something interesting!)

    The Stanley posts make my day. Yay, Stanley!

  3. I had just read your first post about taking Stanley home a few minutes ago, and then I found this 🙂 So happy to hear how well he (and you) are doing 🙂 I live in Westmount and am often up on Monkland running errands and I really hope that I get to run into you both one day! Thanks for sharing your story with us; it made my day!!

  4. I just giggled out loud at the description of his ‘nest’…. Happy to hear he’s gaining weight and getting better! Just goes to show you how far a little bit of love and affection can take you in life! ♥ ♥

  5. Disgusting to see what people do to animals. They depend on us and yet where is animal rights when you really need them.

  6. Melissa Brethour

    Such a great article!

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