Monday , 19 February 2018

Chimpanzees – in Montreal? How you can help!

It’s true!  Did you know that just outside of Montreal, there is an amazing sanctuary for chimpanzees?

The Fauna Foundation is not a zoo nor is it open to the public.  It is a place that quietly, lovingly and wholly cares for animals that have come from a variety of rescue situations including research facilities, laboratories and zoos.  Animals are able to live out the rest of their natural lives in an amazing environment.  At the moment, there are 12 chimpanzees that call the Foundation home.  Rachel is one of them.

Rachel suffered such deep anxiety, she refused to go outside for 8 years, after arriving at the Foundation.

Rachel began her life in Florida as someone’s pet. When she was 3 she was sent to a research laboratory, where under the name, C-514, she endured 39 punch liver biopsies.  She is 29 years old now and has lived at the Fauna Foundation since 1997.

Montreal Dog Blog has been permitted a unique and gracious opportunity to visit the Fauna Foundation later this month, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

To show our gratitude, we would like to take some goodies along with us that are needed by the Foundation.  Below is a list of items the Fauna Foundation would greatly appreciate.

Our fab friends at Bailey Blu have offered up their shop as a donation center. Feel free to drop off any of the listed items at their location at 6152 Sherbrooke St West (corner Beaconsfield) in NDG from now through Sunday July 18th. We’ll make sure your donations get to the Fauna Foundation when we visit shortly after (of course we’ll let you know all about it!).  And thank you!

Please know you can also help the Fauna Foundation via their Adopt-a-Chimp program or by donating.

Items for the Fauna Foundation. All items must be NEW.

Little Tykes toys
Hair Brushes
Baby rattles
Unbreakable mirrors
Jewelry (bigger, colourful, plastic – no metal)
Material hair scrunchies (the ones used for pony tails)
Hoola Hoops
Tooth brushes/Tooth paste
Crayons/Coloring books
Construction Paper
Purses (Dollar store)
Scarves / gloves
Sun glasses (plastic lenses)
Paper Dixie cups (small)
Scrub brushes
Plastic shovels
Dish rags
Plastic cups (strong, flexible)
Jolly Ball – scented, unscented, large, small – hard plastic
Children’s pools
Children’s DVD movies
Musical instruments (hard plastic) – flutes, tamborines, etc.
Stainless steel bowls (small)
Kitchen utensils (spoons, knives, serving spoons, etc.)
Radios (2)
Items specifically for the Monkeys:
Set of 3 tennis balls (in container)
Freezable baby teethers
Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Rock-A-Stack
Ultra Kong – various sizes (black, not red)
Small Sippy Cups
Cat Nail Clippers (scissor type)
Plastic Chewable Dog Bones
Small Fleece Blankets










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