Thursday , 23 November 2017

Rescue Round-Up News July 8,2011


Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe

  1. Dog Rescued From Sweltering Car In Rancho Cordova (video)
  2. Kittens rescued after being befriended by a group of builders:
  3. Pony rescued from river
  4. Dramatic rescue of 50ft cliff plunge dog at Mariners Grave
  5. Brave owner hops to rescue after rabbit is thrown into river in Ireland
  6. Dog Left For Dead Family Finds German Shepherd Tied To Park Bench On Summer Day
  7. Blind Dave Heeley wins taxi dog ban equality case
  8. Dog Taped to Fridge Upside Down Finds Happy Home
  9. Starving Mama dog and puppies – “With a little help from my friends”
  10. Lost dog dies after animal control “forgets” her
  11. Firefighters have a new way to save animal lives
  12. Dog reunited with owner after 7 years Arkansas
  13. Zoo chimps’ mental health affected by captivity

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