Tuesday , 16 January 2018

Join the FOOD FOR FANS Campaign!

Nutrience and Montreal Dog Blog launch “Food For Fans” Viral Campaign

$10, 000 for 10, 000 fans!

In the wake of Montreal’s Moving Day, local shelters are once again overflowing with unwanted pets.  Nutrience Pet Food and Montreal Dog Blog are teaming up to help handle the influx by donating $10 000 worth of free dog food to 3 local rescues!

Beginning TODAY (Monday July 11th), we at Montreal Dog Blog are proud to launch the Food for Fans viral campaign – and encourage you all to “Like” the Nutrience Facebook page!  When the page reaches 10,000 Fans, Nutrience will release a $10,000 food donation to Teja’s Animal Refuge, Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue and Kiko Dog Rescue.  This sizeable food donation will ease a significant amount of worry and cost for these volunteer-run rescues – who have collectively rehomed hundreds of abandoned animals.  The campaign needs less than 2000 “Likes” to reach their goal!

Join the Food for Fans campaign – and feed dozens of dogs with the click of a mouse:

  • “Like” Nutrience today then…
  • share this page by using the sharing icons above and post this to your own Facebook Page:  Please help 3 local rescues receive a much needed food donation from Nutrience. It’s easy – all you have to do is “Like” the Nutrience Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/nutrience.  When they reach 10,000 Fans, they’ll donate $10,000 worth of Free food to Teja’s Animal Refuge, Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue and Kiko Dog Rescue. Thanks and please spread the word.

Nutrience and Montreal Dog Blog – working together with animal rescues, so that homeless pets stay healthy and happy.

About Nutrience

Nutrience Pet Food offers an extensive line of quality dog and cat formulas. Their “No bad anything” mission means you will never find any fillers, added glutens or by-products in any of their formulas.

For more information, visit:
The Nutrience Fan Page:
MDB Fan Page:


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  1. How shameful when these companies use charity as a marketing tool. How about donating out of kindness, not according to how many “Likes” you get? Nothing like using a “charitable” donation to amass more prospects. Disgusting no matter which company it is that does it.

    • Sorry you feel this way, Rebecca. As a matter of fact, this company donates several hundreds of thousands of dollars and food annually to various animal charities, shelters, rescues and organizations across Canada in an effort to help improve the lives of animals in need. Tying it in with a fun, viral marketing campaign helps get the word out, as well as promoting rescue (and these in particular: Teja’s, Eleven Eleven and Kiko’s!) and hey, even Montreal Dog Blog – the more people who know, the better for everyone (animal and human alike!) in the long run (even if there’s a little marketing involved). – N@

  2. Saw your tweet and tried to share this on the BTC facebook page but none of your links to Nutrasource on Facebook work. 🙁 Let me know when they do and I’ll post.

    • I don’t think the FB page is accessible to those outside of Canada! Which is really too bad. 🙁 We’ll let you know if this changes.

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