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Rescue Round-Up News July 29,2011

Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe!

  1. Dog is rescued after being tossed in Passaic River
  2. Dog missing nearly three weeks reunited with owner
  3. Dog rescued in Federal Way but — doggone it — it ran away
  4. Two puppies found in a dumpster get new ‘leash’ on life (video)
  5. Happy Homecoming: Six Poached Baby Gorillas Rescued, Returned to Congo.(video)
  6. Dog saved after being stranded at sea reunites with owner after dramatic rescue by cops
  7. How could they? Dozen sad puppies found in recycling bin after cruel owner ‘throws them out like rubbish’
  8. Waterville neighbors save dog, house, car
  9. Vacationing family reunited with lost dog at oceanfront
  10. Puerto Rican street dog joins the honeymoon
  11. Good dog! Dog Saves Owner from Sexual Assault
  12. Tucker offered love despite abuse –
  13. Black cats and big, black dogs so often snubbed at shelters will be celebrated this week on Pet Photo Friday:
  14. Animal Cruelty Becomes Criminalized in Bulgaria
  15. 70+ Dogs Rescued from Hoarders
  16. Dog left on hot roof for 10 hours during heat wave
  17. Elephant With Prosthetic Foot In Cambodia (VIDEO)
  18. Woman helps save kitten, only to find it might end up on ‘death row’(video)
  19. Dog Jack rescued from Ben Nevis by firefighter
  20. Latest trendy breed, Chihuahuas fill up shelters


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  1. OK people let me set the record straight, I just found out that the huskies which are a total of 37 have been in the woods/forest in Lachute since September last year. These dogs are musher dogs, which means that they are working dogs. The story goes like this: Canine Feline has been working on this since Wednesday last week (maybe even longer). We have been working together to find out what and how we can help the dogs. The company that owned the dogs wanted the dogs to be drowned/disposed of or if you want me to be blunt killed. The man did not want to do this so he took all the dogs,
    I teamed up with Canine Feline to help organize a rescue of these dogs. Ted from Canine Feline had transport set up, but the transport had a problem and had to be towed. In the meantime, I have been blessed with many people who helped out by coming to the site and to help transport the dogs.
    The SPCA St Agathe and MAPAQ are involved with this as well. I got permission to remove the dogs ensuring that the dogs would not be sold to puppy mills, used for breeding or dog fighting and will be neutered and all applicable shots done as well.
    The many people that showed up to help rescue took approximately 7 dogs to homes for adoption and or foster. I am looking for adoptions only now as if you are really interested, you will take the dog, love, feed and give them TLC.
    Ted started a chip in for these dogs. Donations have come in and are a total of $527.00. This money will be used solely for vet bills and divided equally with the rescues that have been done already. So, $527.00 by 7 dogs equals $75.28 for each dog to help defray the costs of neutering. If more money comes in and more dogs are adopted, the same will apply. Whatever is donated will be split evenly to help with vet costs and not for gas or for my time or anybody’s time. It is unfortunate that we are unable to adopt all the dogs, but I am willing to go back tomorrow to help with adoption of more dogs. If you want to help, please contact me at home at 450-671-5488. Call me on my cell 514-892-5488. Hopefully my phone will not die again, So please no more rumors or hearsay. These dogs need to be adopted. Canine Feline is trying to assist in the rescue and has found some homes. Thank you Ted for your help and thank you all the volunteers that came today.
    Thank you all that left voice mail messages on my phone, I will be contacting you tomorrow as it is 1:05 am and I don’t think you want me to be calling you now. I will call everybody back tomorrow morning to assess the situation and help those dogs.

    I hope that this is clear and concise and if you have any questions please let me know.

    Good night and may dog bless!

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