Saturday , 25 November 2017

Stanley’s Road to Recovery – Country Weekend







 Stanley joined my family in the country this weekend to say good bye to Tyson, he was buried in one of the most beautiful garden’s of some very dear friend’s of our family. 




Tyson loved being up in the country and some of my favorite photos of him were taken up there so it seemed fitting that such a beautiful soul would be laid to rest in a very beautiful place.  It was also fitting that Stanley was there as well to experience some of the wonderful things Tyson had the opportunity to enjoy after I rescued him almost 10 years ago. 

Tyson, like Stanley did not have the best start to his life but he certainly lived a life of luxury when he finally fell into the right hands.  So now it’s Stanley’s turn to experience new things and begin to live the kind of life every dog deserves…to love and to be loved. 

Stanley’s first adventure of the weekend was his introduction to the painted moose.  It is a life size moose, so naturally it terrified Stanley.  I walked him over to it to try to get him used to it and as soon as we started to get close he barked his little face off trying to understand why no amount of noise making would make this moose move.  After a minute or two he started to clue in to the fact that perhaps some things aren’t as they appear.  I managed to get him close enough to the moose to smell it and once he made contact and still saw no movement form the Moose he was reassured that it was not a danger to him.  Finally I was able to get him to pose in front of it so I could take a photo, though the first three I took were of Stanley with his face turned watching the moose…just in case. 
Later I got him down to the pond to see if he would take to the water.  He walked right in though I suspect it was his first experience with water because he didn’t seem to know quite what to make of it.  He just stood in the water and much to my surpise dunked his head in and started blowing bubbles.  A frog jumped in with him which fascinated him though luckly for the frog Stanley was not quick enough to catch it.  I tried to coax him further into the water by throwing some bread in but he had no interest in eating it and seemed comfortable with just wading in the water.  Finally he walked into the brush and strolled the perimiter of the pond while I tried to keep calm and call him back as the last thing I wanted to do was go in the pond to get him out.  It’s clear his recall is not great at this point because he was in no hurry to come back when I called him but luckily he eventually made his way back on his own and saved me the trouble of getting in to get him.

When it was time to head back to the city Stanley hopped in the car, he actually loves being in the car and generally sleeps most of the time. He did have some interest in looking out the back window, though eventually fell asleep with his face pressed up againt the seat, looking out the back.  He got home and completely passed out, snoring up a storm and it was really nice to see him so exhausted from all the excitement of the weekend.  He continues to gain wait and he does have a bit of fur growing in but we’re not rushing to book any dog shows just yet.  He will be ready for adoption in the next few weeks though so please help me spread the word about this awesome boy.  Anyone interested in adopting can contact me at

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  1. Stanley is looking so good in these photos! You can’t even see ribs! I don’t blame him for being suspicious of that moose though. 😉

  2. Yay, Stanley! He should have no problem finding a home. Such great stories!

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