Thursday , 23 November 2017

UPDATE: Urgent Help Needed for the 29 Abandoned Huskies!

Update coming soon.

This post has been removed pending further fact-checking on our end.

We want to make sure we have all information clear before we pass it along to you.  We’ll have an update for you shortly!  Thank you for your concern for the huskies and for your readership!  In the meantime, we’ve left some comments below, plus there is a continuing discussion on our Facebook Fanpage – please follow it with discretion, avoid gossip/slander and keep checking back here. You can also find updates on Eleven Eleven’s page – who are helping with the rescue efforts.

When we know how you can help – you’ll know!


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  1. I can take them… if you can arrange transport. Used to breed and show siberian huskies in my youth…have a pet resort in Muskoka with large dog parks, ponds, meadows, fully fenced, automatic waterers, and an extra quansite 30×65 for shelter…will need help to cover their vaccinations and nueter/spays….but I can rearrange the facility and have it ready… Its a 6 hour drive from Montreal… Can you transport them? I am also publisher of Cottage Dog magazine…might help to get them vetted by giving good press. Lisa

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for the reply and your kind help. Please, you would have to call Dee-Ann. She is in charge of the rescue going on at this moment. Her phone number is 514-892-5488. Please let us know what Dee says!

  2. the person doing this chip in is not even in charge of the rescue??? and chip in’s if you read the fine print …you have to be a US citizen to start up. Do your homework people and send your donations to whoever is in change of the dogs care…

    The rescue mentioned in this news is not the rescue asking for funds.

    • Dee-Ann is not part of Sophie’s Rescue. The CTV report is wrong. Rick Fournier from Sophie’s Rescue went to help the dogs and Dee-Ann. The number given on CTV is the same one we have to contact Dee. The chip in is stated on the blog that it is a chipin by CFR in Ontario, the place where the dogs will be taken. Please read the blog from the bottom up. The updates have been posted as we have been informed.

  3. the guy who runs CFR….doesn’t have a home or place, he HOUSE SITS. He is not on site, has no people on site and is apparently not supposed to be collecting funds at all….

    “I have the full story now. There are 38 dogs still tied to trees with a wonderful lady staying with them and trying to get them rescued. So far all she has had is promises and she swears she will not leave until they are all res…cued. There is no money involved. She doesn’t have a ChipIn page and in fact is doing this all on her own. She desperately needs help. She is in Lachute Quebec in the woods but her cell phone number is 514-892-5488. If anyone in the area can help please do. She is not looking for any reward and does not want money changing hands for these dogs. She also does not want them ending up in any puppy mills. She is a very active animal welfare advocate and aware of the negatives attached to the effort. Please help her.”

  4. So many conflicting things are being posted. Do they need a foster care or not? I am the publisher of and I am the owner of a 16 year old pet resort & pet camp in Muskoka… While I bred show dogs in my youth I have no interested in breeding them. As stated they need to be fully vaccinated, Rabies, Infectious Diseases including Bordetella, and they need to be spayed and neutered ASAP. We used large fully fenced dog parks and we can not have whole males or bitches in heat on the property because it effects all the guest dogs… I have looked after many pet huskies over the years and they love to be able to run, play and swim in our dog parks. I hope you don’t assume I had anything but the utmost concern for these dogs at heart. I have the space here to look after them in the short and long term…Under no circumstances would I be looking to bred them! I however can not foot their bills myself…vaccinations, spay, nueters, food, staff costs…. Someone wrote on our cottagedog facebook that they were setting up a fund to cover their costs… I endorsed them for doing that… are they not authentic?

  5. I have just returned and this is the whole story here.
    There were a total of 37 dogs in a field/forest in Lachute. I am not working with any rescue per say. I am an animal lover who gets involved and will not allow an animal to suffer. Anyways, we were able to rescue 7 dogs today. Canine Feline had set up a chip in fund and he has received approximately $500.00 as of now. He is sending me the money through PayPal and whatever is donated, I will divide that up with the amount of dogs that have been rescued/adopted.
    These dogs are NOT I repeat NOT going to a puppy mill and are not to be used for breeding.
    I am looking for adoption of these dogs and am willing to meet up with anybody that is interested in adopting them.
    They are on a 3 foot chain in a wooded area which I will call a forest. From the owner, this is the story: These dogs were used by a mushing company. The company wanted the animals to be drowned and so this person took all the dogs and has them . He surrendered the dogs to me if they go to good homes. I have given him my word as an animal lover that all the dogs that are rescued will not be euthanized, put in puppy mills and will go to loving homes.
    If you are interested in adopting, whatever funds are received through a chip in with Canine Feline will be divided equally to anybody adopting a dog toward vet bills. The money is not being used for gas or in payment of my time or any other volunteer.
    My cell phone is dead at the moment, however, you can contact me at my home 450-671-5488 if you are interested.

  6. This is darnright scary crazy. Who is running this rescue? This is too much for a single handed woman in the bush with a cell phone to run! Especially when the battery is dead, phone goes straight to messages and the messages are never returned. I got ahold of her at midnight and she said there are a least another 50 dogs hidden in the bush in other locations!!! There are people who want to help and there is no one to organize that area!!! This absolute craziness! Do these dogs need help or not????

  7. Dee-Ann, does that mean Lisa Brooks would not be able to foster the dogs? If these guys are are cannot even walk on a lead I doubt there are 36 adopting homes with experience right now and they probably have a far better chance out of Quebec.Some time to really evaluate these dogs would be crucial to help them find loving homes.
    Is there an update on this?

  8. Teresa M Ouchterlony-Cooper

    Hello………….I am a huge animal lover and was one of the organizers for the worldwide Vigil in honour of the 100 huskies that died after the Olympics…..I am Canadian, but live in Portland, Oregon just now………….once all this calms down, I will take one or two from a foster……I could possibly drive into BC or ALTA for them………

    Anyone involved, I say prayers for how amazing you are and anyone with pics please post them on my FitFood ForDogz facebook site, or my personal site and I will share and keep sharing to try and find homes…….(500 dog lovers on my Dogz site………..)

    I am possibly having to move, but if someone will foster one or two for me until I figure out if my 4 year old son and I have to move, I will gladly take one or two (preferably younger ones, as I have been promising my son a puppy).

    Keep up the wonderful work everyone, and lets not get caught up in the details, lets find people to help these babies……

    email for me “”
    tel 425-444-4742

  9. Just in case you want to read up more fully on what I am suggesting please check our CottageDog facebook… See some of the comments. Alex is right… These dogs need specialized care and can’t just go into loving homes….. Here is a link :!/notes/cottagedog/concerns-regarding-the-posted-husky-rescue-needing-help/232055976836902

  10. We have been inundated with posts on the situation but have been unable to talk to anyone. We are based in Ottawa, ON. We need to know who is heading up this rescue and if the SPCA is also involved. Please contact us at 613 889 0778


  11. Hi Kim,

    SPCA Laurentides Labelle as well as MAPAQ, the SQ, HSI and the city of Lachute has been working on helping these Huskies and they will be all safe and sound by tomorrow. Vets are standing by to evaluate their health and all will be vaccinated, dewormed and sterilised before adoption. Thanks to Corrine and her staff, these Huskies will have a great future ahead of them. If anyone would like more info on fostering or adopting one of these huskies, you can contact the SPCA directly:

    S.P.C.A. Laurentides-Labelle
    355, Demontigny
    Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC J8C 3C6
    Tel./Tél.: (819) 326-4059
    Fax: (819) 326-9407


    Thanks to everyone for their concerns and wanting to help!

  12. What a relief, and thank you. : )

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