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Rescue Round-Up News August 12,2011


Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe!

  1. Speed Dating For Dogs: A New Opportunity To Rescue Animals?
  2. 3-Month-Old Calf Rescued After Falling Into Well (video)
  3. Francis the ‘miracle puppy’ could win CARA $10K (video)
  4. Firefighters saving animals in danger
  5. Dog missing for year after car crash heading home to Michigan
  6. SWAT K9 Medics: Cops and emergency personnel learned how to treat dogs and cats. (video)
  7. Women Rescue Kitten From Highway Toss (video)
  8. Abused puppy gets new lease on life thanks to Albany Police Officer
  9. Runaway tortoise evades psychic and police for 26 days
  10. Man Dives In: Rescues Jonah Kitten From Drowning
  11. Man finds dog in cage on back porch with this note – ‘Please take care of my dog’ – :
  12. Congressman rescues stray dog
  13. Puppy rushes to defend her owner (video)
  14. Downers Grove soldier wants to adopt dog from
  15. Suspected bait dog found dumped in trash
  16. Man follows dog over edge of cliff
  17. Plumber called in to rescue cat stuck in wall
  18. A Year After Boats Shatter His Shell, Turtle Swims Free (video)
  19. Man rescued with dog leashes
  20. Fire crew works to save trapped puppies

True Blood’s Michelle Forbes For Animal Adoption




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