Monday , 11 December 2017

Soaking up the sun!

Bailey loves the sun!  He is a true SunDog! I believe that sun is really good for moderation that is…I feel that Bailey benefits from his daily doese of Vitamin D such as I do.  He asks (demands) for it! He likes the deck but also has managed to dig up a few unassuming holes around the back yard for his sunbathing pleasure…

Bailey, if he could, would stay there all day!  However, I take precautions with Bailey…I provide a lot of shady areas, I do not leave him out during peak periods (12-3) and always ensure he has a lot of water!  Nobody wants a sunburnt, miserable, grumpy old dog!

Bailey has had sun spots in the past.  They were hairless spots that seemed to cause him uncomfortableness with a lot of scratching.  I only buy doggy sunscreen available from the vet-it is non-toxic with no-added chemicals. Very important that the ingredients do not conatin PABA or zinc; dangerous and toxic if Bailey were to  ingest or lick it..which Bailey would! If I run out, I use baby sunscreen-a safe alternative!!!!

Bailey hates baths but feels extremely good afterwards.  Soda and oatmeal are wonderful and great for soothing and relieving his pain, itch and discomfort!  Wichhazel, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera can be applied afterwards-green and natural alternatives- good for Bailey but also great for me!  I try to make Bailey as GREEN as possible!

I do consider Bailey a true SunDog who enjoys the dog days of summer! WOOF!

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