Tuesday , 16 January 2018

Remi – Found as a stray, chewed his feet to the muscle

Remi – at veterinary appointment (VIDEO)

Remi was found in Saint Henri running on the rail road tracks as a stray about a month ago, emaciated and covered in skin lesions. He was taken in by a wonderful caring lady who did everything she could for him, but could not afford to take him to get medical care. His medical issues became worse, more lesions occurred and he even chewed down to his muscle on some feet from the discomfort he is in. He has deep infections on all four paws, and other various skin lesions on his body. The woman who rescued him looked to Craigslist to try and find him help, after over a week of posting there was still no one or rescue that had agreed to get him the medical care he desperately needed. Finally, we caved, and had him brought to our clinic today to be seen, not that we could in any way afford it but at this point something had to be done for this poor pup.

He has been hospitalized at our clinic because of how severe his feet infections are, and is on cage rest. Right now he is on I.V antibiotics three times a day along with hydrotherapy. He will be having a biopsy done tomorrow and culture and sensitivity sent out to try and give us a better determination of what is causing this. We fear he may have an autoimmune disease where his body is attacking itself, which would not be curable, so hopefully with more diagnostics and monitoring his response to treatments we will have a better idea of what how we can help him if even possible.

He will have to be hospitalized for the next few weeks while recovering, which we are not financially able to afford. We are hoping with the support of the public, Remi will get the long-term medical care he absolutely needs.

More updates to be posted soon


*Donations can calso be made to the veterinary clinic treating him directly, or mailed by check please ask us for address.

–Caroline Ross, A.H.T/T.S.A
Founder, Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue
Adopt a Pet, Save a Life

Through adoption, sterilization, identification, and education, we hope to one day live in a community where homeless animals do not exist.

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