Thursday , 23 November 2017

Remi update – Biopsies taken

Yesterday August 26th, 2011 our veterinary clinic went right to work on Remi and took biopsies of several areas of Remi’s affected skin under sedation and pain control. This will be key in diagnostics, and will save us the time wasted on trial and error in treatment. The first veterinarian to evaluate him was afraid he might have an autoimmune skin disorder, in which case treatment and prognosis is ‘fair to poor’.

Remi was evaluated by two other veterinarians, as we like second and third opinions on all medical cases, and the two other veterinarians were more optimistic that it is more likely a combination of allergies and trauma from running so much as a stray. Which if you look at how his nails are worn right down to the skin, it does make sense that a lot of his infections were trauma inflicted and only made worse by Remi chewing on his sore feet to get some sort of relief.

The biopsies hopefully give us more insight on what is causing these infections; autoimmune ideas, fungus, parasites, or a plain old nasty infection being the best case scenario. We are anxiously awaiting the results, in the mean time he is hospitalized on cage rest, hydrotherapy and antibiotics.

Regardless of all the above, Remi is an absolute suck. He is sweet as can be, and soaking up all the attention he can get even if it means a good belly rub while during his hydrotherapy treatment.

Under sedation for his biopsies


Nail worn right down to the skin

Many nails have just fallen out


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