Monday , 19 February 2018

Ask A Vet

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Ruby, Lissa's rescue pooch

ABOUT: Dr Lissa Altschuler is a born and bred Montrealer where she lives and plays with a wide range of animals. After graduating from Communication Studies at Concordia University, she worked as a production assistant in a film that explored the human-animal bond. The film immediately sparked her interest and a flea bitten dog picked up on the beach in Belize finally convinced her that she had no alternative but to become a veterinarian. She obtained her DMV from the University of Montreal in 2008. She currently shares her time between working at the Animal Health Clinic and running Vetspress, a mobile veterinary home service that operates in and around Montreal. She has a particular interest in the field of shelter medicine and promoting crucial population control through low cost spay/ neuter programs, education and responsible pet ownership. She enjoys spending what little free time she has with Ruby, a marvelous rescue dog that has come into her life.

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