Wednesday , 17 January 2018

Trainer’s Other Tails

Potty Training Puppy 101

Congratulations, you just got a new puppy! As most other puppy owners, one of your first issues to deal with is potty training puppy. It’s usually the first thing clients ask me about.   The key to house breaking a puppy is the frequency puppy is taken out to do their business, as well as management to make sure puppy …

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Humping! Why Do They Do It

Humping. I’m sure we all have funny stories about dogs humping. I know I do! But it’s actually a behavior I get asked about quite a bit, and most people are concerned about it, and believe it to be a problem behavior, and just wish it would stop. The thing is that humping, or mounting is a very normal canine …

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How To Find The Best Dog Trainer

Congratulations! You’ve just adopted or bought a new dog, or have gotten yourself a new puppy! Maybe you have a dog who needs to learn some basic manners, or perhaps you have a dog with some behavioral issues that you need some help with. Your dog might pull on leash, jump up while greeting, resource guards their food, or is …

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I Speak Up For Pit Bulls!

I’m sure many of you are just as concerned about the impending BSL enactment in Montreal as we are here at the Montreal Dog Blog, and how we can fight it. Lori Nanan and the wonderful folks at Your Pit Bull And You have stepped in to help us, by creating this fundraiser specifically for us here in Montreal, to help …

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Victoria Stilwell’s “Inside Your Dog’s Mind” Seminar!

I am so excited about Victoria Stilwell‘s seminar, ‘Inside Your Dog’s Mind’ which is taking place on Saturday, April 30th, in Cornwall Ontario. Which is just an hour’s drive from Montreal. If you watch Animal Planet, then you’ve probably seen her very successful show ‘It’s Me or the Dog’ a few times, just as I have. Victoria is a world …

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