Wednesday , 17 January 2018


Education! Even after years of experience

Continuing Education Important in any professional  field, continuing education can involve seminars, conferences (online too) and reading books helping oneself and a business grow. As a Veterinary technician I have always believed that its an essential aspect of my company. Everyone can be what they want but having something to back them up is what gives them the knowledge and …

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Guarding against lost pets

Hi Montreal Dog Blog readers!  Hope you’ve had a wonderful summer! Baby Jasmine Rose is doing so well! I love being a human baby mom! During my time off, I have spent a lot of days out and about, walking in the streets, going to parks, for ice cream, etc – and I have seen many people walking dogs off …

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Ay Chihuahua! Looking for Hustler!

Nat received an email with a plea to help Andrea find a little Hustler that is lost walking out and about in the city of Laval or may have been dognapped.  His Human friend Andrea provides the following: I’M ASKING FOR YOUR HELP! PLEASE. I lost my 2 year old male chihuahua Saturday March 12, 2011 around 7pm. He was …

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El nuevo amigo de Santiago

Seeing that Santiago is, as you will recall from the post:  Just Ducky, an avid ‘toyer’; he likes to play (and play and play and play) he was given the opportunity to be a Dog Toy Tester by the Amigo Toys.  A week ago we received in the mail two toys: Toy A: a Blue latex/rubber squeaky dog And Toy …

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