Wednesday , 17 January 2018


Guarding against lost pets

Hi Montreal Dog Blog readers!  Hope you’ve had a wonderful summer! Baby Jasmine Rose is doing so well! I love being a human baby mom! During my time off, I have spent a lot of days out and about, walking in the streets, going to parks, for ice cream, etc – and I have seen many people walking dogs off …

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Dr. Amanda Glew: Feather Trees

Feather Trees – by Dr. Amanda Glew  A few years ago, I decided to do a Christmas tree fundraiser for Le Nichoir. I have a friend who had just moved to the Eastern Townships and had purchased a tree farm. Liking catchy phrases, I thought it would be fun to name the fundraising campaign “Feather Trees” is order to help …

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Product Review: Ceva Diffusers

Purple and soft grey clouds of bubbles surround you. Embraced by the smell of sweet vanilla and magnolias, a figure in pink approaches. You know this energy so you follow the rose coloured silhouette. The both of you are skimming the tops of the bubbly clouds next to sea turtles singing classics from Astrid Gilburto. Suddenly you both stop as …

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WIN! A Green Dolphin Prize Pack!

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS FOR YOUR ENTRIES! Nowadays, “Green Cleaning” is something that a lot of pet owners take to heart! Using safe products in our home is good for us, our pets AND the environment! Fortunately, there are many options available to clean our homes without harming anything in the process (Okay – except maybe dirt). 🙂 This …

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10 easy green choices

When we are opting to live a healthier and greener lifestyle, it can start by simply investing a bit more thought into the decisions we make.  Since pets are a part of the family, it’s also important to also make conscientious decisions with regarding to their health and well-being as well.  Pets can absolutely be green too!  It does not …

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Preventive natural care for you pets!

Being green, I definitely look for natural remedies / alternatives for my ailments.  I also try and use the same kind of alternatives for my pets.  In fact, sometimes, I can share my natural remedies! Dogs are also prone to stiff joints, colds, ear infections, dry skin, constipation, diarrhea as well as cuts and scrapes. I find it very tough when one of my dogs …

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