Monday , 19 February 2018

Fostering 101 series

Fostering 104 – Pick Me ! Pick Me!

          Fostering 104 Pick Me, Pick Me! Hopefully a few of you have given fostering a try since my last articles. I want to share my most recent foster experience and explain how easy it was for me to find the right one for my home. I have to admit. I became a foster failure again. …

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Fostering 103 – Make that call

   Fostering 103 This is the follow-up to: Fostering 102 and Fostering 101! So have you been doing your homework? Following up on some of the local rescues either on their web site or Facebook? Think you’re ready? Now that you have found a match its time to either down load their application form, visit a clinic or make a …

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 Fostering 102 Finding the right rescue  Every rescue has its own guidelines and values so you should do your homework to find out which will work best for you.  The easiest thing before even applying to see if you’re a fit is to learn as much as you can on the internet.  So, for the next 10 days do the following: …

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Fostering 101

                      Fostering 101 – by Terry Price Kimmel  I talk and cross post a lot about fostering animals. It is one of my passions and one thing I can do on a regular basis to help a homeless animal and the rescue community. I am over the dog limit in my …

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